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A Look At The Legendary DJ Omega’s Impressive Journey In The Music Industry

DJ Omega is an LA based DJ, from Philadelphia. He’s worked with music & entertainment heavyweights such as Kanye West, Wale, Lil Dicky, Amy Winehouse, Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld. Past professional sports clients range from the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp & home games (2014-17), 76ers Production & In-Game Sound Design (2014-15), and LA Rams Holiday Parties (2018-19), and NBC’s “World Of Dance” Premiere (2019). Musically, Topaz Jones 30 city tour via Live Nation with 26 sold-out dates and Wale’s “Wow..That’s Crazy” & “The Album About Nothing” with Jerry Seinfeld. In addition, he’s been a guest DJ on BET’s Backroom, NBC, and Revolt LIVE.I had the chance to sit down with DJ Omega to discuss his accolades, inspirations and what he’s been up to during quarantine.

You have had a very impressive DJ career. Tell us about one of your favorite / most memorable moments.

It would be Djing Spring Fest in Japan. 50,000 people whose first language isn’t English singing all the works going just as hard as if I was home. It was amazing to see the power of Hip Hop.

You’ve had the chance to work with so many A-Listers including Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Jerry Seinfeld and Wale. Do you have any funny stories about working with these celebrities that you’d be willing to share?

It would have to be meeting Kanye West in an hotel elevator in San Juan and getting him to host a mixtape.
This was early Ye and he just dropped the good music mixtape series. When noticing him in the elevator I immediately let him kno I was a fan and asked if he could host the project. He agreed, got my rm #, and pulled up with the crew (Don C, GLC, John Monoply, Happy) and killed that shit with the mini studio made in the room. Audio gold! Lol
When did you first start DJ’ing? Would love to learn a bit more about your background.

I started Dj’ing when I was 12. My aunt and cousin were Dj’s and were my early influences.

Who are your DJ musical inspirations?

On a party rocking side it’d have to be Kid Capri, Fat Man Scoop, Dj Kool, & Jazzy Jeff. From a production standpoint its Khaled, Diplo, & Kaytranada.

What have you been doing during quarantine? Have you been feeling creative?

Indeed! Its been productive. I’ve been cooking up and getting a lot of ideas down. I’m excited to be dropping some new vibes once we’re back to normal.

Do you feel that artist’s have an obligation to be role models? If so, why or why not?

In this era, artist’s have no choice but to be role models. It’s whether or not the artist wants to use their light in a positive on negative way.

Live events have taken a huge hit because of coronavirus. When do you predict they’ll be back up and running? Do you think the music industry will ever be the same again?

Hopefully by mid summer we can be back to normal. Till then I’ve been taking my talents to IG Live @omegaisdope.

Even tho the state of the would sucks rn, its allowed amazing collaborations with visual artist like the great @chuckstyless and battle with my brother @djlead from Japan. All for the sake of bring the world together with art and Hip Hop.

I feel the industry will be back stronger than ever.

What else do you have planned for 2020, musically? 

I look forward to getting back on road and connecting with everyone IRL plus dropping new music this summer/fall.

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