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Published on May 19th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Atlanta Artist Sevant Releases New “Academy” Video

Rising superstar Sevant has officially released a new visual for his “Academy” single. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Sevant infuses his New jersey upbringing and southern roots into a visual made to thrive. As he has been fortunate enough to learn from some music legends, he is on track to have the best year of his music career.

As “Academy” is based on a past love interest of Sevant’s, he does an excellent job of creating a record that depicts his raw feelings and emotions. In the video you will see him entertaining an on camera love interest, as he is dressed in a suave attire looking like the perfect gentlemen. As flashes of them at an event appear, the scenery of the Atlanta express way gives this visual a more raw, and real effect. Directed by Rebel, this is by far the Atl creative’s best work to date.

One thing that makes this song and visual so unique is the fact that Sevant produced some of it. He is far more than just an artist that makes good music. He is gifted musically in the booth and outside of the booth. With the help of producer Bizo, these two creatives crafted up a record that defines the Atlanta native’s desire to be different as an artist.

As he continues to lay the foundation to a successful music career, his creative genius comes full circle on this release. Sevant plans to churn out music consistently all year growing his following and fanbase organically.  Stream Atlanta’s rising star’s new “Academy” video.

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