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Published on May 3rd, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Premiere: Fried Monk “Hurry Up and Wait”

Fried Monk creates music combining his love for old boom bap and downtempo productions while sprinkling live instruments on top. I’m riding with his new project “Hurry Up and Wait” which is a journey in sound like none I’ve heard this year. If you are loaded the opening track “Welcome” is guaranteed to take you on a cool trip and if you are sober it makes you lean in to catch what’s going on…with way, it’s a joint not to be missed. Overall this project caught my attention and I’ll be looking for more from Fried Monk ~ JD

Here’s the official line on the release and here is the preorder link to the record: http://friedmonk.bandcamp.com/album/hurry-up-and-wait

His new release Hurry Up and Wait is compromised of four songs that directly flow into one another. They were developed over the course of a few years while simultaneously working on projects with others.

Fried Monk is a Philadelphia based producer and audio engineer. He owns his own recording studio, Sleepless Sound, and does live sound for concerts and artists outside of the studio. He has been playing the drums and guitar for over half of his life and started producing hip hop instrumentals by entering sample flipping beat battles online back in high school. Since then, he’s released multiple EP’s and singles as well as produced other artist’s and band’s records.

Fried Monk · Hurry Up and Wait

Check out the video for the opening track “Welcome” below:

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