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Published on July 7th, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Who is Rick Bars?

Rick Bars is a music producer and an artist. He was born and raised in New York City. He is the owner of Platinum Octave Radio and True Young Hits. He is from Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage which inspires his music and his hard working drive.

Where are you from and how did you fall in love with hip-hop? 

I am from New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop. I fell in love with hip-hop when I started producing music and realized how diverse the genre actually is.

Who are your musical influences? 

My musical influences are J.Cole, B.o.B., and Metro Boomin.

How did you get started with music and what keeps you inspired? 

I got started with music around the age of 14. I was mostly producing music for video games and creating sound effects. Music producing is my passion. What keeps me inspired is being able to reach my goals and help others at the same time.

Do you feel that success comes overnight or with time? 

Success definitely comes with time. Even though you blow up one day, you can fall off the next. With time, overall success increases.

Tell me about your platform and how did you grow your singles after their release date? 

I’ve grown on YouTube and Spotify. I’ve been on YouTube since 2009. It was initially a gaming channel which transformed into skateboarding videos. Then I started posting music that I produced for the video games. I learned how to market my videos and I did ads with Platinum Octave, Hot 97, and WorldStar.

What advice do you have for aspiring and new coming artists? 

Get ready to invest in yourself because no one will without benefits. If the studio time costs too much, buy your own mic. Less complaining, more action.

What’s the number one rule of promoting music to your artists? 

Always focus on engagement. Numbers won’t matter, when no one is interacting in any way.

What’s important, the business or the music? 

They are both equally as important. If you know about music but know nothing about the business, then you can easily get manipulated and taken advantage of. If you only know about the business but nothing about music, then you will not have long term success. You need a balance of both for longevity.

What’s next for you in 2020-2021? 

I will be releasing a song called “Replay the Block.” I will continue to participate in many community events.

Watch his latest video “Replay the Block” below and stay connected with Rick Bars here.


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