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Published on July 1st, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is TyPax?

Where can we find you most, in the studio or in the club?

Pax- “Basically I’m always in the studio, because, while patience has its place, one of the things I really don’t like is wasting time. As far as the club or party goes, it’s gotta really be lit to get my attention; which is rare, and now (thanks to COVID) not likely to happen anytime soon if they shut things back down.”

C.Nemesis- “The studio. Whether it’s my music or the music from the artist on my team I always prefer to put in that work. I’d rather make money than spend money. The club is cool but it’s not a nightly occurrence.”

Who is your childhood hero?

Pax- “I’d have to say Akon was my hero growing up because he took the money he made with music and he used it to do actual good instead of just donating the money and leaving it there.”

C.Nemesis- “This is going to sound cliche as hell but it has to be Eminem hands down. I was too young to know the Beastie Boys and MC Serch, and when I was growing up he was really the rawest lyricist doing it at that time. He is the whole reason that I had hope in this music business.”

If you went on tour how would you travel, in the sky or a bus?

Pax- “Honestly if I had the free choice it would entirely be in the moment. If there’s anything fun to do, I’d probably want to check that out but as far as the tour vehicle? I’d say ideally a self-driving Tesla tour bus with a booth in it or ricks spaceship. Not sure if the self-driving bus is a thing yet since I’m still waiting on a Marty McFly style hoverboard. Some engineers predicted 2020 but instead, we got a chicken sandwich and a pandemic.”

C. Nemesis- “A bus. Flying is cool and you get there quicker but I’m the bus you get to see more of the country. You get to actually experience the cities and towns you travel through and you get to see what the rest of the world looks like outside of your little bubble.”

What’s the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what’s your main platform?

Pax- “You can find my music, associated pages everything just Google TyPax, but honestly the best way to get a reply is LÜM, IG, or the Pax Animi FB page.”

C. Nemesis- “Instagram: MindOverMatterEntertainment or SoundCloud: MindOverMatterEntertainmentNY”

Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new songs or collaborations?

Pax- “I just released a single with Drewpy Gzz called “Goated” out now on Spotify Apple Music Tidal IHeart Radio and many more. Coming soon my next tape “Shoebox Pt1” a collaboration about heartbreak with 518 rappers some of whom became some of my best friends through the music.”

C. Nemesis- ‘”Baddest Girl” ft. Luhkey Markkon is the party jam of the summer. The music video will be out soon. We are also working with Typax and his company “Wish You Would Ent”. We are affiliated with Past Life Entertainment as well. Between the three companies, we are going to make waves like Upstate New York has never seen.’

What time of day do you make music, are you an early bird, or are you up late?

Pax- “I’m always up late either working on my music, a video, or new designs, If I’m feeling really inspired I won’t sleep at all.”

C. Nemesis- “Up late. I hate mornings and love my bed. I’m usually up until 4 or 5 am working on my craft.”

Do you prefer to listen to your own catalog of music or the radio? 

Pax- “If I’m not playing my own music, or the music of my favorite underground artists; I’m likely on Spotify or YouTube Music. The radio is for rare situations for me.”

C. Nemesis- “I am my own biggest critic. I am always listening to my stuff to see what I can improve on. The radio is cool but if anything I have my Spotify on so I can control my playlist.”

If you could pick one or the other what would you choose, the money or the fame? 

Pax- “I’d pick the money hands down. With appropriate funding, I could do a lot of good for my city and beyond that, I don’t care about money. One day I hope to start an organization; based entirely on donations. It’ll be dedicated to giving food and supplies to people who are in need; like Akon did.”

C. Nemesis-“The fame. I want everyone to know the message, wear the merch, and live the lifestyle. Mind Over Matter. Success Is The Best Revenge. The money will come but money isn’t everything.”

If you could go back in time or in the future which one would you choose and why?

Pax- “Well, granted I could return from either I would go forward in time. See if they have the hovercraft and things I mentioned earlier. Bring back medical books, see the laws in the future, see if their cell service is better. Best of all I’d hear the music of the future and maybe get to chill with future artists.”

C. Nemesis-“That’s tough. I would say go back in time, however. With everything that I remember that I have learned in my time as an artist and how to be a business man and run a successful company, I wish I knew sooner. It took me 32 years to get it, but Success Is The Best Revenge and I am not stopping any time soon.”

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