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10 CBD-Related Brands Absolutely Worth Looking Into This Summer

One of the most buzzed about terms with the health space over the past few years is “CBD.” Unfortunately it is not easy to explain what CBD — a non-psycho-active cannabinoid present in both cannabis and hemp — is to the everyday person. And on top of that, not all CBD-related products are regulated by the FDA. However, many medical professional are excited about the benefits of CBD.

Below are 10 CBD-related brands I have recently discovered per personal research and/or story pitches received over the last few months of 2020, all of which absolutely worth looking into.


PACHAMAMA is an award-winning CBD company whose super-food tinctures and topicals are “Purity Awarded” by The Clean Label Project; for reference, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is also Purity Awarded. Out of 242 best-selling CBD brands on the market and tested by Clean Label Project, PACHAMAMA — meaning “Mother Earth” — CBD is only 1 of 4 to receive said Purity Award, which is in addition to honors from the CBD Expo. The USDA Certified Organic brand also utilizes a proprietary air extraction method to extract its CBD, not using any CO2, hydrocarbons or solvents. It also steers clear of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Thus, in order to provide pure, targeted products, you will only ever find its CBD extracts coupled with powerful superfoods and plant-extracts sourced from around the world.

Muscle MX

Staying active is important for both your physical and mental health, and having the tools to keep your body performing at its best is vital. Thus, with Muscle MX CBD topical balms, you can help prevent and/or recover from any muscle, joint and tendon pain. The brand’s balms are made with all-natural ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD. They stimulate blood flow to muscles, tendons and joints creating a soothing relief to pain. Ultimately, Muscle MX aims to provide real pain relief without any negative effect of pain medications.

Caliper CBD

Caliper CBD offers science-backed products with COA certification and research that shows Caliper CBD products have at least 4.5x more absorption in the first 15 minutes versus standard CBD oil products. Thus, Caliper CBD is an ideal way to consume CBD as it provides consistent and precise dose with every packet that cleanly dissolves into any food or drink. You can also cook and bake with it too. Each Caliper CBD packet has precisely 20 milligrams of CBD in on-the-go packaging, making it convenient to incorporate a boost of wellness into any lifestyle’s daily routine — you can enjoy is your morning coffee, protein shake, salad, evening nightcap, or make your own homemade edibles.

Coming soon, Caliper will be launching its latest product on September 1st: Caliper Swiftsticks. It is reportedly the first consumable CBD powder to be poured directly on the tongue. Caliper SwiftSticks has perfectly precise portions of 20 milligrams of CBD that simply dissolves on your tongue for better bioavailability and skipping the step to mix it in food or drinks. The flavors available will include Mixed Berry, Cool Mint, and Lemon Lime. Caliper SwiftSticks will be available in a 2-pack, 10-pack and 30-pack offerings with pricing ranging from $6.99 to $49.99.

Harvey’s All Naturals

Harvey’s All Naturals creates pure, full spectrum hemp flower oils. These oils are grown through organic methods on small, off-grid farms in the Colorado mountains. The brand does not dilute its products with unnecessary fillers, unnatural flavors or perfumes. The result is a special collection of pure, CBD products including 500mg CBD Elixir, CBD Healing Salve and even an elixir for pets. And as CBD has been effective in alleviating pets’ stress and anxiety as well as inflammation and pain. Harvey’s All Naturals Pet Elixir is a concentrated full-spectrum hemp flower oil infused with grape seed oil to improve bioavailability. Shake well, give 4 to 8 drops daily by dropper or on your pet’s food.

In celebration of National CBD Day, Harvey’s All Naturals is currently offering 25 percent off plus free shipping on all orders over $50. Just use promo code “CBDDAY” no quotes) online at checkout.

Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific combines nature’s nutrients with the power of science to deliver some of the most effective supplements and detoxification protocols on the market. This includes a line of hemp tinctures. Quicksilver Scientific’s technology has also been adopted by others companies, such as Wana Wellness, to create specialized products including fast-acting tinctures.

Leveraging the entourage effect with functional ingredients, Quicksilver Scientific’s CBD Synergies-AX Calming Formula is a fast-acting, complete relaxation remedy. It aims to provide quick and effective relief from acute feelings of unease, nervousness, worry and agitation. This nanoemulsified, broad-spectrum CBD blend of phytonutrients, amino acids and essential oils was developed to promote a calm mind and body, and is made with THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract. Furthermore, its formulation includes 5-HTP — which acts as a precursor to the “feel-good” neurotransmitter serotonin — as well as GABA, L-Theanine, Skullcap and Rose Flower oil, likely providing maximum calming effect.

Wana Wellness

Speaking of Wana Wellness, its Strawberry Hemp Gummies come with 10 servings in the bottle, which makes keeping up with your on-the-go dietary needs easy. But if strawberry isn’t your favorite fruit flavoring, Wana Wellness does offer hemp gummies in other flavors — including mango, mixed berry and tropical varieties — beyond offering such in different sizes. Honestly, the most delicious CBD-related gummies I have ever consumed. Wana Wellness’ gummies are now a part of my daily routine.


While Charlie Piermarini was practicing pain management, he noticed the increase in use of CBD with his patients. Some were getting benefits and some were positive for THC, indicating inferior products. After years of research and experience he decided to start RestorativeCBD to ensure his patients had quality, hemp-based CBD products he could trust. Piermarini is a co-author of 2 publictions about CBD that are currently in press waiting to be published, in addition to a letter to the editor of The Pain & Therapy Journal regarding the need for more quality CBD products.

Among the offerings available from RestorativeCBD are a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Broad Spectrum Capsules, Topical Relief Gel, Gummies, a Gummies and Melatonin combo, and an Overall Wellness Package. That Overall Wellness Package is priced at $180.00 and includes 3000 mg of Tincture and 750 mg of Sleep Gummies.

Lord Jones

Celebrity favorite Lord Jones is a purveyor of fine CBD-infused products, like its limited-edition CBD Gumdrops — which came in both Passion Fruit and Red Raspberry flavors for Valentine’s Day 2019 — bath bombs, tinctures, supplements, skincare items, facial products and bath salts. Its hemp-derived CBD-infused gumdrops are made by hand in small batches, and presently there was a 20 percent off sale related to Lord Jones wares for this year’s National CBD Day at Higher Standards NYC and Malibu.

On the skincare end, Lord Jones is offering a specially-formulated CBD-infused Stiletto Cream for foot application before and after wearing intense shoes. Formulated in collaboration with luxury shoe brand Tamara Mellon, its High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream is designed to revolutionize the way you experience high heels. Each tube contains 200 mg of CBD.


In less than five years, Caliva has grown to have over 400 employees. As one of the largest indoor cultivation and manufacturing facilities in California, Caliva produces approximately 11,000 pounds of cannabis each year and tens of thousands of more cannabis-related products. Earlier this year Caliva introduced Soul Grind, a broad-spectrum hemp-CBD unsweetened cold brew coffee. Dr. Han and the Vertosa team created an emulsion system for infusing the hCBD, resulting in maximum absorption. Available in Black, Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, each 8-ounce can of Soul Grind is comprised of organic cold brew with 100mg caffeine and 10mg broad-spectrum hCBD — a delicate formula deliberately designed to balance the energizing effects of caffeine with calming hCBD. Soul Grind is available nationwide online, as well as in select stores in Los Angeles and California’s Bay Area.


Last but definitely not least, the products of Cannabis Sativa brand Cannalogica are formulated in laboratories in the Netherlands and do not contain any artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, microplastics or mineral oil. All of its formulations are carefully-developed with your skin in mind. Cannalogica’s leading toxicologist team studies not just the extract of hemp and the variety of cannabinoids it offers but also how they complimented in combination with other ingredients. The brand offers vegan-friendly and cruelty-free skincare including its best-selling facial hydration oil, muscle recovery balm, face masks/moisturizers, and hand sanitizers. Product pricing presently ranges from $12 to $60.

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