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Published on August 29th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Ooojordan Releases “Never” Featuring Loki952 & OOO Andre

On Our Own music group, consisting of producer and artist OOO Jordan, recording artist and actor OOO Andre, and music artist Loki952, are showing themselves to have the ability to consistently create solid hits. Independently their music has over half a million streams and their latest release “Never” coming up fast with over 30k independent streams in their first weeks of release.

While these numbers may seem small, the fact that these artists are creating a wave with no major label push and building a community of good energy and fun around their brand is nothing to frown at. Most independent artists would hope for the results they have been accruing for their last several releases.

The “Never” music video is nothing but great vibes. Shot by JD Films, the video shows the entire crew on a boat with dozens of gorgeous women, jet skis and fun. The idea that their lifestyle actually matches that of celebrities is what catapults their energy in their music. They are not the ordinary independent music company, On Our Own is creating the standard for the independent high end lifestyle and what music should feel like.

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