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Published on August 5th, 2020 | by Rive


Wade Carson & The P-38’s Releases Visuals For “I Love My Truck”

Inspired by true events, I LOVE MY TRUCK, was written during 2013 in North Hollywood CA. During that whole year in 2013, Wade Carson was homeless living in a 2000 Ford F-150 red pickup truck.

7 years before that dark time in his life in 2013, Wade entered into the Air National Guard after working with Micheal Jackson’s record producer; Dr. Freeze. While working with Freeze on his first horror film, he was called into Army reserve duty during Operation Enduring Freedom. Freeze had to cancel production, and Micheal could no longer support sponsership of the film due to his court fees. After getting injured in the Army National Guard, Wade returned to the midwest where he was faced with finding civilian work. He decided to go to college in Phoenix AZ at a Media Arts school to try to get a degree in the field he was already working in while working with Dr Freeze, the Army and similar to what he did as a ROTC Public Affairs photographer.

Being in Phoenix from 2008 to 2011, Wade transferred to Orange County CA to a sister campus where he would finish his fourth year. April of 2012, is the month that Wade will never forget, as it was the month that his old girl ( his truck) would become his only best friend. Only one month away from graduating with a BA in Media Arts, his college terminated him from the school due to lack of not having enough tuition from his student loan. His E3 Air National Guard reservist status was also not enough to cover classes or student housing. He was evicted from his student apartment and found himself living in his truck and did so for the next year.

During this dark year, due to a previous injury, Wade was medically discharged from the Air National Guard. With no income, taking showers at the Burbank Aid Shelter, taking temp odd jobs, and acting jobs as a NCIS LA extra for Central Casting, Wade was barely wading the water.

Nights sitting in his truck watching the summer months pass him by, seeing familes and friends at the park, having fun, barbecuing during July 4th, people jogging in the morning with their dogs wearing Micheal Bolton sweaters, and couples at the park at night, looking up at the night stars, Wade realized then that freedom isn’t free. He found himself in a war in his own head, and began hallucinating and was diagnosed with schizophrenia shortly there after.

To pass time, Wade wrote a song to keep his spirits up. While having his McDonalds dollar coffee he wrote a song called I LOVE MY TRUCK. A senior citizen asked him, “you writing a love letter there for your lady” ? he said, “yes sir I am…She is the only one that has my back keeping me warm at night… literally”.”

These days Wade is doing much better. He is no longer homeless and is no longer struggling with mental illness. He still looks back on his truck fondly and is grateful he no longer has to live in her, he can simply drive her.

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