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K Goddess Donates Over 30k To Communities, Plus More Amid World Pandemic

In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic and current racial injustice, K.Goddess has donated over $30,000 in funds to her community and social media followers.

Check out the interview below.

How did it feel to give back to single mothers and fathers during COVID-19?

K Goddess: It felt good being able to give back to my community. I’m happy I was able to help the youth because the youth is the future.

Tell us about your journey to releasing new music.

K Goddess: This journey to releasing new music has been a challenging one because I want to talk about all the good I’ve done, but I also want to talk nasty. It’s like… how do you combine the two? Lately, I’ve just been letting my creative juices flow and taking control.

Tell us about your new single “Don’t Ask.”

K Goddess: “Don’t Ask” is about pain a female goes through after a long-term relationship breakup. I’m telling the people don’t ask about the guy I use to date because it’s a sensitive subject. You can hear the pain in my voice and that’s what the viewers love.

Tell us about your new EP that’s dropping in September.

K Goddess: The EP that’s dropping in September is a little different. It’s a mixture of vibes. I love it.

You donated funds to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s untimely passings. What are your feelings about their deaths and the racial injustices that plague our society?

K Goddess: I have the same feelings about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s death that I had once I learned about Emmett till. The same feelings I had when I watched the police beat my uncle and take him away. It’s a tragedy! I’m hurt, I’m scared, and I’m sad for their families.

What are your plans after COVID-19 is over?

K Goddess: My plans are to take over the whole industry. I’m the only Goddess in the rap game… it’s time to show them.

What motivated you to step up to help sick children with their medicine?

K Goddess: I’ve always helped sick children and given back to sick children, this isn’t something that started today. I had the money and decided to help. It’s worth it. Everybody needs somebody.

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