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Published on September 4th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Premiere | DKEELA ‘Send Nudes’ [video]

DKEELA can check off all of the requirements on the “Successful Hip-Hop Artist” agenda. The charisma? Check. The backing crew? No doubt. The skillset and ingenuity? Of course. Add all of these attributes together, and you have an artist that can easily tip the scale. The Louisiana based hip-hop artist is fluid in songwriting and rapping and can narrate a story with his quick-witted punchlines and stylistic flexibility. He has been highlighted on the Slumped Sessions podcast and Rumba Tropical radio show on KTSU in Houston. DKEELA’s universal sound appeals to the masses because of its radio-ready approach. This might explain why his car is his safe haven for mental songwriting notes – the confined space acts as a creative zone.

The debut single off of his newest EP, D.E.M.O., which stands for “DKEELA Emotion Musically Orchestrated,” “Send Nudes” proves his ease into commercial success. The track boasts nearly 200k streams on Spotify alone and has been put on the map thanks to the multitude of TikTok features. DKEELA is also signed to one of the first labels that signed Megan Thee Stallion, Southern Heat Entertainment.

“Send Nudes” is undeniably straightforward, and DKEELA doesn’t fall short on beautiful ladies, party vibes, and close up shots of the lover he’s expecting some flirty messages from in his new music video. Occasionally, distance makes you lonely, and when you’re apart from your partner for so long, there is only one thing that can fill the void of their physical presence. The girls are quick to get into selfie mode and move to the song like they’re in the club – it’s a fitting anthem. He radiates a cool, calm, and collected air during the Caribbean flavored track, but to him, “Suspense it got ma heart racing.” At the poker table, DKEELA’s smirk after looking at his phone tells it all, the picture he’s been waiting all night for has finally delivered.





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