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Published on November 20th, 2020 | by Tallie Spencer


JAYO Releases Dynamic New Track “2K (Games)”

JAYO is an independent artist from Los Angeles, CA who just released a new single called “2K (Games)” featuring Jonmosslol. The single is an upbeat anthem about JAYO “playing games” back with someone who’s doing the same to him. The release of the dynamic new track adds to JAYO’s already notable profile — fitting in with his catalog of songs such as “Summer Is Cancelled,” and “Guacamole,” which also received plenty of traction.

In his new song however, JAYO takes a different approach and tells the story of him curving a girl after she kept flaking on him multiple times. In an interview, JAYO said “2K (Games)” was made as a response to her curves, and said that when she did want to hang out, he was playing 2k and decided he would have rather done that.

“I’m playing 2k and she calls and tells me to meet her at the mall,” JAYO explains. “So, I said ‘I’d rather play 2k and decided to make it a song. If she’s going to play games them I’m going to play games.”

The track is undoubtedly a standout of JAYO’s projects so far and displays his skills as a rising artist. While JAYO has seen much popularity from social media app TikTok, he has received a large following and supportive fan base from the result of his comedic videos on the platform.

“I decided to be vulnerable with TikTok and tell them my goals of being on Billboard while my Grandpa is still here, and the response was amazing!” JAYO said of his TikTok platform.

He’s definitely an artist to keep watching and listening to, since the way that he’s been able to cultivate an organic following has been impressive to say the least. In addition to the quality production that’s incorporated into all of his projects, JAYO’s fun, upbeat vibe can serve as the perfect melody for any audience.

When asked about past projects that he’s proud of, JAYO said that he was really proud of one of his tracks called “Zendaya,” because he “wrote it really fast and had a lot of references in there that only real fans would catch.”

Continuing the list of accomplishments, another song that he dropped this year called “Guacamole,” was used on Chipotle’s TikTok account.

JAYO is only keeping the momentum going this year with his latest release, and fans can expect more to come in the following months. In the meantime, stream “2K (Games)” below and follow JAYO on all platforms @jayo.





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