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STEEZO: “An Inspiration to Many”

Steezo is one of the planet’s Best-Selling LGBTQ music artists. She is a rapper, a songwriter, an actor, and an entrepreneur. She has been on reality shows, she has opened for a multitude of multi-platinum recording artists and has headlined many LGBTQ Prides. She has gone viral creating her own brand of transgender tricks call Titty Tape. Steezo has also recently won the award for Female Lyricist of the year at the 2020 Atlanta hip-hop fashion awards, and can be heard on Jaded Records.

What inspires your creativity?

I am inspired by life, love, family, fans, good times, bad times. I am inspired by all things. I see everything as an opportunity to create.

What drives you during these crazy times?

The idea of a better world drives me. I know the world needs more love, more voices of reason, more light… so I am constantly working on expanding to assure the right things get heard.

Do you have an idol? Or a favorite artist?

Idol is a strong word.. but the closest thing I have to an idol does happen to be my favorite artist, Beyonce.’ I have studied her artistry for years and wanted to be signed to her Parkwood Entertainment label.

What are/were your biggest challenges and triumphs?

As an artist and entrepreneur, I have had to make lots of sacrifices, some days I didn’t know what I would eat or how my bills would get paid. I know the feeling of losing it all, but I’ve stayed the course. As a result, I learned a new meaning of STABILITY which is unwavering faith in Gods ability to provide as long as you’re willing to doing the work.

Where’d you get your tats they are fabulous?

Thank you! I’ve had multiple tattoo artists over the years. I tend to choose the artist that I feel can best execute a piece. They are all helping me tell my story. If I were to say nothing, I believe a complete stranger could read my artwork and be able to tell who I am at my core.

Congrats on your award for Best Female Lyricist…what did that mean for you?

 The award for best female lyricist truly warmed my heart. I’ve worked hard over the years (10+) and I’ve always wanted to win something for my hard work. The nomination and the win are confirmation that I’m being heard.

What’s next for you?

 What’s next for me is radio play, mainstream, major tours, and working my dream to the fullest!

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet what would it be in how would you answer?

If I could have you ask me anything, I would have you ask me would I like to come with you to Beyonce’ and Jay-z’s house because they want me to work with me.

If you could give a message to the world and they would actually listen what would it be?

If I could give a message to the world it would be that the best freedom you can ever have is being ALL of yourself unapologetically! I would also tell them to download my new single Steezo – Hater (Can’t Be Me). Available on all music platforms!

The Steezo Official Website May Be Found At

Interview by Eileen Shapiro




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