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Published on December 21st, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


G Money Discusses His Strategy For Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful business owner and entrepreneur Ahmed Alomari aka G Money has taken his humble beginnings to wildly impressive heights. Influenced by success stories like Jay-Z, G Money understands the potential of providing real value and how that can propel a business toward very profitable results. Owning several multi-million dollar ventures in social media publishing as well as e-commerce and consulting, his start in music still inspires his decisions to this day. He was always a musical kid, singing Rappers Delight and other popular songs at family parties. Today, he uses that love of music to help other artists with ghostwriting and social media management needs.

While always two steps ahead, he admits that the pandemic had a way of making him truly appreciate everything he has. Being grateful for family, friends and even a roof over his head really put things into perspective by helping him to gain a better understanding of how we are all in fact, human beings with very basic needs. At the start of the pandemic, the first thing he did was pay all of his employees months of salary in advance so that they could sustain during these very turbulent times. He also lent support to his friends who owned small businesses who might not have had the means to cushion themselves during a very fragile time in our world.

Even he himself had to get innovative by launching what ended up being a $1.4M e-commerce business within the first few months of the pandemic. After wrapping up what has been a crazy year, to say the least, G Money is focused on three things: being the best husband and father he can be, helping the less fortunate when they need it the most, and providing one of the largest information courses and coaching to help other entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level. He plans to help motivate, inspire and teach other business owners to become financially independent because he believes that THAT is the real American Dream. Anything is possible.

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