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Giving a Unique Twist to Music – Story of an Amazing Pianist and Musician, Jowy Cenat

Music is easily the most customizable form of art. Every artist who creates music tries to personalize it by adding a touch of their taste and music type. Very few like to stick to the same old beats and continue producing similar sounding music to preserve the tradition. At the same time, many believe in creating music with a lot of influence from other cultures and incorporating original beats and sounds.

Jowy Cenat – an American-Haitian pianist and musician –has successfully managed to infuse Caribbean music into contemporary and classical music. The rising star has a reach of over 1,200,000 people online. His fans admire his unique Zouk piano skills and his outstanding fusion of Haitian Caribbean cultural music with contemporary music.

Home Calling – Jowy’s Connection to Caribbean Music

Although Jowy was born and brought up in Queens in New York, he always felt a deep connection with his roots back in Haiti. The cultural Caribbean music had always fascinated him and gave him a feeling of being at home. He had a strong desire for wanting to reunite with his relatives in Haiti. A solution to overcome this feeling was to learn music, so he began learning the piano. As Jowy admired music and had a strong inclination towards it, he mastered the art of piano playing at eleven.

In 2010, Haiti encountered a catastrophic earthquake, reporting approximately 250,000 casualties. To check on their relatives, Jowy and his parents flew to Port-Au-Prince. Jowy’s desire to live and to get to know more about his roots had been fulfilled. He witnessed the liveliness and high spirits of his tribe. He learned from them the art of staying positive and thanking God during tough times. The people there used the power of music, zouk music, to be specific, to deal with the trauma and depression of suffering from a calamitous earthquake. This unique folk music influenced Jowy a lot.

After returning from his trip to Haiti, Jowy could not get the Caribbean folk tunes out of his head. So, he started practicing zouk beats on his piano. Although music was his passion, and practiced it every day, the hectic student life was getting to him. Studying at the Atlantic County Institute for Technology (ACIT) during the day, soccer in the evening, and piano practice by night drained Jowy, physically and mentally.

So, he quit music for some time but could not stay away from it for long. Jowy used his passion and admiration for zouk music as an inspiration and began practicing piano again. This time he paid more attention to the Caribbean zouk beats and practiced it in a routine that accelerated his piano growth. He practiced several tunes and combined them with other genres, and ended up creating a unique fusion. His connection with the Caribbean beats brought him peace so much that he could actually feel the notes while playing them. His affection for music and closeness with his roots kept him motivated not to give piano practice, even if he was exhausted from his soccer practice. Although his daily routine was draining, he had made it a point manage a little time to practice and perfect his Caribbean tunes on the piano.

Taking Up Music as a Full-Time Career

By the age of nineteen, Jowy had developed a serious interest in creating music. After receiving a positive response and support from family and friends. He released his first cover on the Greatest Showman in 2019. Jowy had created an orchestral piano version of the track infused with the traditional zouk beats. His cover and unique twist to the music was admired by the masses so much that he had become an internet sensation overnight, receiving thousands of views on his video. Jowy’s incredible performance of the effortless piano playing had been talked about and brought up in various news sources ranging from the NY weekly to Kivo Daily, giving him recognition for his musical talents. Good reviews from the audience and news sources encouraged him to work more on his music, so Jowy released a number of covers on Spotify. The most popular ones are the piano covers of Photograph by Ed Sheeran and Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi.

Jowy aspires to be an inspiration to the young lot following after him. So, to provide guide them, he published a book titled; ‘Video Influencer Authority’ in 2020. Jowy aims to help individuals who plan to work in the digital field or use the technology to grow in their respective fields. He shares his first-hand experiences, vast knowledge, and advice on utilizing one’s own talents and monetizing them in this digital era. His book was in demand for quite a long time and was enlisted in the best-sellers by The US Reporter, The New York Weekly, and Amazon.

At present, Jowy Cenat continues his zeal for creating eccentric and soothing musical masterpieces. He plans to release an original track or an album someday, officially debuting into the music industry. Jowy is actively working as a creative content creator and guides and teaches young individuals to turn their passion into profit.

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