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Published on February 5th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Elle Ullmann, CEO, and Founder of MELT Music and Media Agency, On Generating a Company From Your Passions

Becoming successful in the entertainment industry is one of the hardest things any individual can do, especially when considering its competitiveness. However, for Elle Ullmann, the world of entertainment is one she’s grown up in and is an expert at traversing.

With a lifetime of experience in music and film, it’s no surprise that Elle made a name for herself. Her schedule is continuously full thanks to her multiple businesses, including a music and media agency, a clothing line, and a surf and skate shop.

Elle runs MELT Music and Media Agency, where she manages e-sports players and artists. Her goal is to help as many people as possible become successful and live their lives on their own terms, something Elle herself is passionate about.

Growing up in Hawaii and California, Elle is no stranger to discovering different cultures. After receiving her undergraduate degree in America, she even moved to Oslo, Norway, with her husband before eventually returning to settle down in Connecticut. Currently, Elle is residing in Hermosa Beach, California.

Much like her past, Elle’s business is worldwide. Whether selling clothing through RU3 Performance, running her surf and skate shop Hashtag Board Co., co-managing DadLife Jason on TikTok, or running MELT, Elle is a business powerhouse.

Her success has given her opportunities to do more, and one of Elle’s passions includes all things e-sports. She became a huge investor for teams, players, and tournaments, which not many women are doing.

To stay updated with Elle and the work she’s doing, find her on her website,, or her Instagram, @ElleUllmann. You can also learn more about her music and media agency on

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