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Published on March 29th, 2021 | by Marilyn Reles


Hip Hop Artist Leon Ross Brings Fathers Together with ‘Daddys Unite’

Daddys Unite is a California-based organization founded by Hip Hop artist Leon Ross. Inspired by the trials and tribulations of his childhood, Leon plans to help educate fathers, step dads and father figures through Daddys Unite in order to equip them with the knowledge that they need in order to fight for their rights. Growing up without a dad withheld valuable experiences from Leon and that void has propelled him into not only being an incredible business owner but also an incredible father. Balancing the ultimate trifecta, Leon juggles music, acting and Daddys Unite and plans to do so until one pursuit lands exactly where it needs to be.

At the beginning of COVID, Leon was just getting into the groove of his business. Before the pandemic hit he hosted a meet and greet in Oakland, California for over 300 dads across the country. Inspired by the success of the event, he bought a Billboard to promote the next one which would be located in Los Angeles. But then the pandemic hit. The downtime allowed him to focus on building a buzz around his music. A firm believer in never being idle, he accepted his fate and made the best of a crazy situation.

Ready to take things to new heights, Leon plans to host a Sunday Brunchevent for dads to come together and talk about their struggles and their tips and tricks on how to protect their rights as fathers. For more information visit 

www.daddysuniteworldwide.com or simply email DaddysUniteWorldWide@Gmail.com 

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