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Published on April 6th, 2021 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Who is DJ Furious Styles?

Imagine dedicating your life to helping other people shine. Not common in an era where everyone wants to shine. But for DJ Furious Styles, he only wants unsigned artists to be recognized for the music he sheds a light on.

His commitment becomes more apparent after learning that he named his mixtape series and radio show on XM Satellite radio “Shine” “The name is befitting because I wanted something simple and catchy,” explains the noble DJ. “Shine was the first name that came to mind. It’s simple and everyone raps about getting their shine on.”

DJ Furious styles have had his share of the spotlight. Touching turntables since age 10, he went on to DJ at his college’s radio show at American University, and afterward worked in commercial radio. During his stint at commercial radio, he opened up for stars such as Usher, Kanye West, Guerrilla Black, Nina Skyy, Usher, Wyclef, NERD, 50 cent and Eminem.

Hype: Where you from and when did you first fall in love with hip-hop?

DJ Furious Styles: I’m From Brooklyn, New York, and I fell in love with hip hop in the Mid 80’s when Run DMC released Sucker MC’s.

Hype: Who are your musical influences/inspirations?

DJ Furious Styles: My music inspirations are: Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and production-wise are: Megahertz, Red Spyda, the Alchemist, Nottz and 88 Keys.

Hype: What is the sound of the DC music scene?

DJ Furious Styles: There is a variety of sounds in the DC music scene. The DC sounds consists of Lyrical, trap, and swag rappers plus a strong R&B and Go-Go culture. The overall sound is soulful.

Hype: What was DC like for you growing, and what is like now?

DJ Furious Styles: I did not grow up in DC but came here in 1996. During that time, DC was popping. There were many multi-level clubs, parties every night of the week. DC now it’s kind of stalled because of COVID, but things are getting back to normal slowly.

Hype: Do you feel the arts and culture of the city can be preserved for the next 20 years?

DJ Furious Styles: I think that DC does a great job at preserving the City’s culture and the culture can be kept for 20 plus years. The local government and the DC area tastemakers are doing an excellent job of maintaining and forwarding the culture, but some minor changes come with the growth of any city.

Hype: You are about to release a new single about domestic violence can you tell me about how do you stand with women who have been affected by this and how is relevant now?

DJ Furious Styles: I’m totally against domestic violence. I support any woman that has fallen victim to any kind of abuse or violence. This is relevant now because there have been some domestic issues in hip-hop, and it’s not only men abusing women. There have been situations in hip-hop where women have put their hands on men, which is unacceptable. I’m against all types of domestic violence.

Hype: What do you feel like hip-hop can do to continue to improve these narratives?

DJ Furious Styles: I can’t speak for all of hip-hop, but I’ve improved by thinking things out and evaluating the consequences of anything actions that I do. There were times I did not think things out, but that’s how I’ve learned. Think your actions through is my suggestion.

Hype: Why’d you pick your name DJ name?

DJ Furious Styles: I loved the Boys-N-The Hood movie, and I was in an accounting job while djing at night playing all types of music. I told myself I’m going to change my name to DJ Furious Styles. That happened in 1997.

Hype: Who are you currently working with?

DJ Furious Styles: I’m currently working with Washington DC artists: Young E Class, Reese da realist. Also, I’m doing a joint production project with 88 Keys.

Hype: Who are the top 5 artist from DC?

DJ Furious Styles: In no particular order it would be Young E Class, Wale, Uptown XO, JG Riff, & Jus Paul.

Hype: What can the artists do to breakthrough the district on the mainstream level this year?

DJ Furious Styles: We have national-level artists that are on the verge of breaking through, but we need to just keep working on making great music. Also, keep networking and promote, promote, promote.

Hype: What advice can you give to upcoming artist in DC?

DJ Furious Styles: Make sure your business is straight. Get your publishing together and get your own lawyer.

Hype: Who would you like to collaborate with this year?

DJ Furious Styles: I wanted to collaborate with 88 Keys, and that is already in motion.

Hype: What’s next for you?

DJ Furious Styles: Next for me is continuing to operate my Shine Management company behind the scenes, producing and developing acts.

Stay connected with DJ Furious Styles for upcoming announcements and releases here.


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