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Published on April 15th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


How Do Casinos Remain Culturally Relevant After So Long in the Limelight

Casinos have been around for decades, dictating popular culture as we know it. From the movies to fashion, wagering establishments are exceptional at keeping their fingers on the pulse of society, making them some of the most profitable businesses in the world. Currently, the value for the global industry stands at around $500 billion.

However, it’s unusual for industries to remain in power for so long, particularly since a technological revolution has changed most people’s lifestyles. Casinos have managed to maintain their influence to this day, begging the question – how do they keep on getting it right?

Partnerships Over Themes 

When you think about casinos and popular culture, your mind will instantly spring to Hollywood and the music trade. As Vulture’s list of the top 25 films about gambling highlights, visiting a casino floor has been a golden genre for what seems like forever. But this tried and tested strategy has hit hard times due to the creation of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Even Kevin Hart has his own network that runs on Peacock. 

Due to a saturated marketplace, gambling-themed movies and TV shows don’t engage audiences as effectively, not when there are too many titles to choose from. The sector has had to go another way, and it’s found success in the partnership market. Using its close ties with sports, in particular, the industry has dominated TV screens and mobile devices through its association with significant teams and events. 

For example, 50% of soccer clubs in the UK’s premier tournament, the English Premier League, chose betting companies as sponsors in the 2019/2020 season. Soccer isn’t the only sport to leverage gambling, either, with the likes of horse racing and eSports forging relationships with official betting sponsors and partners. 

Technology for Authenticity 

A lot has been made concerning how the wagering world has invested and implemented the latest technological releases to its advantage. A prime example is the rollout of virtual and augmented reality headsets that are sure to transform the iGaming sector. Not only do they boost the user experience for sports game enthusiasts, but casinos are projected to use them to add excitement to their services. 

It’s worth noting that, among other things, the authenticity factor is what makes VR and AR tech so appealing. Of course, this isn’t a coincidence because land-based and digital casinos have been leveraging equipment that enhances the life-like nature of their offerings for years, such as live casino games where a dealer in a live studio environment hosts via a video stream. Then, there are the various payment options that make transactions easier than ever, including using PayPal to pay with cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies. 

Also, casinos aren’t afraid to combine in-person and online features to create a flawless experience. Nevada Nights slot machine from Betway is a perfect example, as it provides users with the opportunity to sample a taste of Las Vegas regardless of where players are located. The casino’s Final Furlong slot, on the other hand, lets people dive into the center of the action without traveling to the track. Thanks to a legitimate environment offered by technology, The Motley Fool believes punters can happily eliminate the hassle that typically goes into a gambling experience. 

Solidifying Strengths 

The integral element that has kept casinos at the forefront of culture and society for such a long time is their ability to play to their strengths. Yes, the industry is very wise when it comes across new opportunities, seizing them straight away to ensure the market remains valuable. 

Still, probably the most eye-opening strategy is the way establishments don’t try and fix features that aren’t broken, much like the most prominent icons of the time that are at the top of the pop culture rankings. Take slot machines. Slots are the biggest earners in any casino, whether they are land-based or online. While there are little tweaks here and there, the majority of them are cosmetic. The foundation of the game – pull the lever and spin the reels – is the same, allowing providers to keep a steady stream of income rolling in. South Dakota’s Department of Revenue symbolizes this the best in its most recent commission on gaming report, where it states that there are six table games by denomination, compared to eight for slot machines. 

This is a savvy move because it appeases the core of the demographic that makes up casinos’ bottom lines, whereas the investments in tech appeal to the players who want something different, enabling them to cast their nets to broader audiences. 

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that casinos have remained culturally relevant thanks to their ability to adapt to their changing surroundings while keeping the keystones of their success pretty much the same. 


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