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Published on April 12th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


How Niyah Smith Is Making Headlines In The UK Music Scene

Artists make sure to impact society with their sensational lyrics that have made music a lifestyle. However, there are the people backstage that make the sound effects, branding, and notoriety possible. They include sound engineers, producers, and managers. They are the most significant forces behind an artist’s success.

Niyah Smith is one of these forces with an unmatched impact on artists’ growth in the UK. He got into music out of passion, hard work, and determination. Besides being a Hip-hop artist, he is an A&R Manager at 54 London Record Label, which belongs to the renowned Stefflon Don. The firm and other influencers sign new artists with potential and help them get into the music scenes.

Career Highlights

Niyah has worked with big names such as Stefflon Don, Unknown T, Shauna Shadae, Rara, SNE, and Alicia. More so, he is putting out a short Ep with various artists from the UK. Besides being the A&R Manager of 54 London, he pushes events, planning, and organizing at Rich House parties. He has also performed there with various artists in the UK.

Additionally, he has gotten his previous artist to work with Afrobeat stars like Davido and Teni. Being an authority he is, he has been able to get backstage at events and festivals. He has further availed various opportunities such as networking events, label meetings, and collaborations with artists. He also has a track ‘Feelings,” featuring the multitalented UK artist, Shaqydread, to be released this summer.


According to Niyah Smith, music is a feeling and an emotion. He finds life in making music. One can tell a thousand stories through music. Niyah bases his music and songwriting on real-life situations that have happened to him or someone close to him. He would always think of an idea or a melody and voice note to himself for backup to revisit it later.

He further finds inspiration from celebrities like Jayz, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne, Stefflon Don, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, and Chips.


Out of passion, determination, patience, and optimism is Niyah making it a top A&R Manager in the UK. He advises on seeking your craft’s knowledge as it contributes to a massive advantage for you in your career. He loves what he does and seeing other artists succeed with his help. You can connect with him in his social media handles as below:

To learn more about Niyah Smith be sure to check out his Instagram @niyahsmith_ or visit his website here. To stream his music visit his spotify here.

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