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Published on April 6th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Jesus Brillo Discusses the Latest Trends in the Hip Hop Music Scene

Jesus Brillo is a hip-hop artist who is making trends in the music industry. He combines hip-hop with trap and reggae music to create his unique style. Trends like this are causing the hip-hop industry to change a great deal, especially from its early roots. Here are some of the newest trends Brillo has noticed in the hip-hop industry and whether he plans to add these elements to his music.

Country mixed with hip-hop.

Songs like “Over and Over” by Nelly and Tim McGraw and “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus have completely crushed the binary between country and hip-hop music. “The first time I heard it, I thought it was a confusing combination,” Jesus Brillo said. “But I’ve warmed up to it. I think it adds a new sound.” Brillo doesn’t think it’s likely that he’ll work in this style anytime soon, but he’d love to see more artists branch out into this genre fusion.

Lo-fi elements.

Lo-fi stands for “low fidelity” and describes recordings that contain technical flaws. This means that they sound different than the live sound being recorded, including background noise, distortion, or hum. In the past, recording music like this has seemed unprofessional and pointed to a low-quality mixtape. However, more hip-hop artists are embracing their natural sound. Lo-fi hip hop is usually considered calm hip-hop that you could listen to create a chill environment in your home. “I dig it,” Brillo said. “I might experiment with different recording techniques and different sounds. But I want my music to sound professional, so I would never try this with every track.

Socially conscious hip-hop.

Hip-hop is known for being edgy, using swear words, and sometimes not being entirely politically correct. While talking about “hoes” and “bitches” might be a thing of the past, many musicians are upping the ante. They’re rapping about things relevant to the political climate, like the Black Lives Matter protests or sexism in the industry. “I think that music can have a powerful message and tell a powerful story. I love hip-hop artists who have something to say, and I know I want to be one of them.”

Metal elements.

Although metal music has seen a decline since the 2000s, many rappers and hip-hop artists add these elements to their songs, quickly bringing the genre back into style. Hip-hop music like this includes heavy metal guitar riffs, rapped vocals, turntables, and funk metal elements. “I listened to a lot of heavy metal growing up as a kid. I have a soft spot for the genre. If this type of music takes off, I would definitely be interested in collaborating with a metal brand to bring my vision to life.”

Music is evolving quickly, and it can be challenging for a musician to keep up and make music that people are into. Jesus Brillo is very interested in the emerging trends in the industry, and he can’t wait to use them to inspire his work in the near future.

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