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Published on April 29th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Life of Dwayne Holness – Tough Routes Lead to Success

‘Fear’ is one of those feelings that makes a person incapable of functioning at their full capacity. Being fearful of the fate, creates obstacles in one’s journey towards success and stability and success. Fear has not done any one any good but accepting the struggle and coming out as a stronger version of oneself is what helps a person succeed. Sometimes accepting fate is difficult, but embracing it can help a person grow. Life comprises ups and downs which is why failures or downfalls must not stop one from following their desires and achieving their goals.  It all depends on how an individual carries on with the struggles of life and turn them into a stepping stone towards success. Such is the story of Dwayne Holness who inspired youngsters to embrace all the struggles and become an example for those who are at the verge of forfeiting. Dwayne was made to think that he belonged to a discredited society and this affliction was a work of fate. But nothing stopped him from turning into an accomplished entrepreneur and a motivation for many young ‘Dwaynes’ out there.

Dwayne Holness was born on January 1st, 1988, in Jamaica. He was brought up by a single parent and spent his childhood in Jane and Finch, a Toronto neighborhood. He was a lively and energetic kid who loved to explore nature. He started to analyze things thoughtfully at a young age. He wanted to know the reason behind the social disparity as he condemned the attitude towards people of his race and origin. He is a motivational speaker, a mentor, and an entrepreneur. He has broken myths and mysteries related to belittling someone for belonging to a less-privileged or unique background. He partnered with his school companions and others to initiate his interactive media production organization called “Corex Creative” in Canada. The organization aims to help individuals to fight for a cause for their community. The company also creates divergent innovation through video, photography, design, and motion graphics that transcend the digital world.

At the age of 16, Dwayne was motivated to do something big and better for his community. He got into theatre and signed up for an agency. These were two major initiatives from where his life took a turning point. He graduated from Humber College for Multimedia Design in Toronto. It helped to further strengthen his skillset and equipped with him design and production knowledge. He is also a creative designer by occupation. His hard work and consistency helped him earn awards such as BBPA Men of Honour in 2016, Tomas Green Award at Humber College, and Identify ‘N’ Impact Awards – City of Toronto in 2011.

He uses his approach of creative thinking to accomplish tasks that are seldom managed by others. By providing access to affordable digital mediums to help communities tell their stories, he adds mentorship, learning, and training opportunities to youth facing racial discrimination and he hires those with potential to create diverse products.

Hard work is the secret behind one’s success

Despite being related to Andrew Holness, Jamaican Prime Minister and Chronixx, as a Jamaican Musician he does not let their stature interfere in his work. He believes in building self-worth and tries to do everything on his own. He wants to set an example for the aspiring talent that nothing can hold them back and no influence is bigger than what lies in exploring what an individual can achieve by working hard and smart. 

Besides being an outstanding entrepreneur, Dwayne is a motivational speaker too who influences young talent to achieve their dreams. He is seen working for charitable tasks and has mentored many individuals to help them nurture their startups from grass root level. He is determined to work for the people and community welfare. 

Dwayne has presented the idea of Calculated Steps in his Podcast. It gives the ideology that setting milestones to achieve life goals is necessary. It is better to take chunks of a task at regular intervals rather than to delay something till the last moment. This will make it easy for an individual to decide whether the pace of a project is justified or not. He is also awarded with ArtWorksTO Committee in 2018, YMCA Employing Youth Award in 2009 and Art Reach Toronto – Youth Arts Awards in 2012. He is an experienced keynote speaker and was recognized at Leaders of Tomorrow Coordinator (RYU). His speaking skills accompanied by a multitude of topics on diverse knowledge has made him convey his vision on different platforms.

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