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Published on April 24th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Practice Winning, Every day, Introducing Brian Nebo, a Professional Basketball Player

It is said that the human mind is the most powerful organ in the body. The mind is capable of taking decisions, stirring emotions, and making people feel a certain way about something. It can easily set a focus on something and, in the same way, deviate that focus to another thing. Once a person learns how to control their mind, they can excel at everything that they have dreamt of in their lives. Similar is the case with Brian Nebo, a professional basketball player.

Brian Nebo is a renowned sports personality in America and is known for his passion for basketball. He is a 6’6 and 210 pounds shooting guard, who plays basketball professionally, locally and overseas. 

Dream It and Achieve It. Nothing In Between!

It takes a lot for a person to achieve their childhood dreams. Nothing in this world comes easy. People have to work extremely hard and devote all of their time to reach their goals. Transforming dreams into reality is not an easy task and requires immense passion and focus to do so. A person has to be headstrong for the goal they have set in their lives. Their attention and focus should not be shaken or deviated from the actual path by any hindrance or obstacles that come their way. Similar was the case with Brian Nebo. 

“The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.”

Born and brought up in Los Angeles in California, Brian was an athlete since his early days. He was inspired by his elder brother and cousins, who played basketball in the backyard every day. Seeing his elders have a passion for the game motivated him to play as well. He soon started practising basketball with his friends and family members. It was not only Brian who wanted to build a career in sports, but his family supported and made efforts too. He came from a family who had basketball running in their blood. His father, Charles, was a basketball devotee, and his brother Charles Junior was a star back in school.

His dad and brother always made sure he watched multiple films and documentaries on great athletes such as Jordan, Kobe, Karl Malone, and many more. They made him study the game and also made him apply it onto the court when he went out to his games to compete.

Brian Nebo had a good basketball journey where he been playing basketball ever since he was a young boy. He completed his high school from Gahr in Artesia, California. He studied there from grades 9th to 11th and was an outstanding basketball player who held multiple records. When Brian got to the 12th grade, he was recruited to play basketball at St. John Bosco, one of the best high schools in Bellflower, California. Their team held the first position in the country at the moment and made multiple ESPN and national television showings. With his adept basketball skills, he added value to both of the schools he went to by winning the prestigious CIF championship twice. His name stands up on both banners at each of those gyms, showing his and his teammates’ accomplishments.

Brian then went to Cerritos College for higher studies. Here he played two seasons and received a full-ride scholarship to San Francisco state university and played there. He is currently pursuing basketball professionally and has graduated from the university. To date, he has participated in a lot of games and tournaments all over the States and internationally, where he has made a name for himself. He has won all League Selections, Defensive Team, First Team Selections and also have racked in some Championships along the way, making his career notable. Due to his exceptional playing skills, he has gotten a chance to visit countries such as China, Nigeria, Mexico, Australia, South Africa And Jamaica.

The young talent has gotten into all his dream team selections. He has appeared in the LA Times and also has been featured in the San Francisco basketball daily newspaper. His skills were covered by various news sources making his name buzz around the area and drawing tons of fans to his social media and to his life in general.

As Brian is of Nigerian descent, he intends to play for the Nigerian national team in the next Olympics and bring home a gold medal in years to come for the country. The rising star has the talent, accolades and the name to put himself in the right position to continue to make good money and be the notable public figure that he already is. Wishing Brian all the best for the future. Keep moving ahead, champ!



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