Black Painter Whitney Austin is Pushing Social Justice and Mental Health Through Art

Whitney Austin, is a nationally renowned artist who has toured all over the United States showcasing her work representing African American culture and history. Known for her sold-out art showcases, the Charlotte, NC-based Austin quickly grew to prominence after opening two art galleries. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Whitney primarily focuses her artwork dedicated to black women. Counting a number of art-celebrating celebrities as clients such as Cedric The Entertainment, Romeo Miller, Shaun King, Trina, Jessie Smollett, and more.

Whitney, who has suffered from mental health issues in the past resulting in her attempting to commit suicide uses art as a mental health getaway. Understanding her gift, this experience also allowed Austin to act as an ‘Art Soldier” for others. Whitney, ended up quitting her corporate job at the age of 28 to focus on painting full time and never looked back since.

A couple months ago, Whitney held a sale on Instagram and Facebook page in honor of her five year entrepreneur career. The $28 painting sale resulted in Whitney making an overwhelming 55K in sales within two hours alone from creative culture art lovers that she had to discontinue the sale immediately. Last week, Austin also made an overwhelming 70K in just two days of her original artwork paintings.

For months, the entire BLM community waited patiently on the verdict of the George Floyd And Derek Chauvin case. When the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murder broke, a sense of relief and gratitude was released for everyone in the black community. For painter and artist Whitney Austin, who dedicates her art to the black culture, specifically black women; a sense of overwhelming emotions erupted deeply, as the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death is this month. Last year, Whitney Released her Black Lives Matter Coloring Book Collection filled with her hard work and dedicated paintings that cater to the entire movement and black culture. The front cover alone brings a sense of emotion as George Floyd graces the cover upon the one year anniversary of his death approaching. If you look closely, you will also see several other names who have also been victims of wrongful police brutality such as Breona Taylor.

Whitney hopes her BLM coloring book collection will become a sense of healing for the culture as a whole by reminding us of how strong we are united. Whiney, is also planning a release of a second collection featuring the senseless murders and protests that have taken place this year in the future. We would love to have Whitney conduct an interview to discuss her BLM collection, her new studio location, upcoming painting classes for all ages, upcoming warehouse, and the amazing things she does to continue to shed light on the culture and black women.


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