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Published on August 25th, 2021 | by Marilyn Reles


zleephouse Drops Enlightening New Video “I LOVED YOU MORE”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter zleephouse has officially released his second single of 2021 entitled: “I LOVED YOU MORE!”. The pop-punk breakup song represents a time in zleephouse’s life where he was giving more of himself than his partner was in what he says was a toxic relationship. The songwriting experience proved enlightening, allowing him to truly understand the different between wanting more from your partner and your partner not reciprocating the same amount of love and affection as he was putting into his relationship.

While zleephouse has only released a few tracks to date, his diverse and versatile songwriting abilities have shown that he is capable of not only creating alternative pop tracks over G-Funk and hip-hop beats, but also creating thematic and substantial worlds around his music under his label and partner, 405thelabel.

A singer-songwriter at heart, he takes pride in having a hand in all aspects of his career, especially the production process. He draws his musical inspiration from the ability to use his art to express some of the traumatic experiences he’s been through in order to help others relate.

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