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Published on September 4th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Raelle?

A new find for us we get a chance to introduce America to the phenom that is Raelle! Following on from her last single ‘Sunrise’, her new project Wake up Sunshine, a neo-soul 70s-inspired offering brings together four tracks that take the listener on a journey of self-realization, exploring the emotions that come with it. Throughout the record, Raelle uses the times of day as a metaphor for her feelings and mood of each song, exploring love, loss, uncertainty, and self-realization.

Captivated by Jazz and Soul’s inherent freedom of expression and emotiveness, Raelle channels vibes between poetry and melody, using her voice as a natural way of sharing with others. Amidst this surreal hyper-connected world, centered around superficial images, Raelle’s music aims to enable deeper emotional bonding creating a bridge to share experiences with people from different backgrounds.

She has received radio support from notable DJs including DJ Targets UK touchdown tour on BBC 1Xtra, DJ Ace R&B show on BBC 1Xtra and Jamz Supernova on selector radio as well as garnering support from BBC Radio London, BBC Introducing, DUMMY Mag, Ear Milk, and TRENCH to name a few.

The Hype Magazine got Raelle to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, who is Raelle the artist?

She is an old soul, who believes music is more than just something nice to listen to, It is a form of communication that she finds easy to use to express feelings that she cant string into sentences. She believes wholeheartedly in music as an art form with each component of the piece playing their own symphony but when they come together and form magic. She is quietly confident, maybe a little doubtful at sometimes, but she is driven by the desire to connect with other people and help and soothe people with her music even if it is only a little.

What was the defining moment that brought you to the music business?

Being on stage and performing a piece I wrote when I was 15, it was like letting people sit in a corner of my mind and people really connected with my music and what I had to say, it left me feeling a lot less alone and heard, I think that was really when I knew I wanted to do music, but it wasn’t until years later that I had the courage to

Where do you pull the soul from that you insert into your music?

Pure emotions and all my thoughts and lived experiences, I want people to be able to find little pieces of themselves in my music, so I put pieces of myself into everything I write and do.

Tell us about your current project and what it means for you?

Wake up Sunshine, was a project that I needed and never really intended to make, It all kind of fell together. I knew I wanted to make an EP but I didnt really have a clear direction, but as I kept on writing and releasing singles I realised that they all fit together and told a story. The last song I wrote was Wake up Sunshine  and it is really reflective. I’m reflecting on my past and my scars. Sunshine was a pet name my mum gave to me when I was younger, so it is me telling myself to wake up and move away from everything that doesn’t serve you because its only hurting you.

What’s the music atmosphere like in your part of the world?

I’m from South London so its really a melting pot of music, But I have always gravitated more towards the Jazz/ neo-soul scene, where there a so many live jazz nights which I like to attend and sing at around London

What role does music play in your life?

Huge, If im not actively making music I am singing. I think thats because I grew up around music I have a large family and we all liked music and to sing growing up, and my parents loved to blast music throughout the house, so it seemed pretty normal to be constantly surrounded by music.

What’s the most satisfying for you about making music?

Seeing other peoples reaction or someone messaging me saying that they really liked my music or they really connected with a song. Also being able to really speak about what is on my heart, its almost therapeutic for me

How do you keep your mental together in this day and age?

Surrounding myself with people with good energy who really care about you and your success.

What’s the most important thing we need to know about Raelle?

This is the very start of Raelle and there is more soul and healing to come in the near future.

Where can we find you online?

Instagram | Spotify | Facebook


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