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Published on October 20th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Exclusive: Live Session With Rising Singer T-Rell of Topeka Kansas

Once in a while, we are blessed to catch an artist that’s different in both presentation and attitude, T-Rell is just such a person/artist! Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, also home to the internationally acclaimed rock group Kansas, T-Rell is the first urban artist to make it big from his city. It all started going wild for T-Rell when Lil Boosie jumped on his heartwrenching single My Dawg which then went from regional acclaim to national fame and it was then off to the races for the young lion. During our conversation, T-Rell recapped his meeting Boosie, what led to the collaboration, and the hilarious aside on what happened in the studio prior to Boosie laying his verse. It’s one of those down-home stories that anyone getting it from the mud will appreciate and smile at! Check out this career benchmark joint below:

While My Dawg with Boosie signaled the beginning of his national emergence and led to T-Rell making music his full-time career undertaking, he had been making waves regionally and has consistently delivered heartfelt joints that people of all ages can relate to. T-Rell exclaims during our conversation that one of the most surprising things for him was seeing the wide range of fans in the audience singing his music alongside him…he details having young children to folks in their 50s and 60s attending his shows and singing his songs word for word. I don’t make music but if someone quoted one of my stories back to me word for word I know how exciting that would be for me…Imagine a crowd of hundreds or even thousands where this happens to an artist…how energizing and inspirational that must be!

Check out the T-Rell Essentials Playlist via Spotify

Recently T-Rell dropped a full-length project entitled 2 Big 2 Ignore which can convert even hardcore R&B haters into fans of him as an artist…the project is really his way of peeling back the shroud of mystery as to what makes T-Rell…well, T-Rell. It’s also a showcase demonstrating that soul is NOT missing from the younger generation, though it’s presented in an updated light and if I were to give it a rating it would be 4/5 for its depth, creativity, and honesty. Oh, and I guess I should mention that T-Rell is a REAL SINGER not just someone playing at being melodic and calling it singing. This project is a straight ride through…no skips…check it out and let us know what you think:

I think T-Rell is an artist that could cause me to write about him all day but there is really no better way to get to know him than through his own words and descriptions. Take a trip with us as T-Rell describes his journey, explains why Boosie was the best 10 stacks he ever spent, and how the blessing from Boosie totally changed his professional life and career choices. He also describes his joy of fatherhood and how he and his son are in tune with each other…you have to listen to that part and get the full feel. My personal reflection on this conversation is that T-Rell will never forget where he came from, will be the antithesis of urban entertainers today whose flashy and opulent lifestyles are really all we see of them. He’s not afraid to lay bare the reasons why he saves his ones, shops at Walmart, and remembers what it was like to have nothing and why it’s important to respect the position he’s in now. As this young lion navigates the maze of the business of music, I think we’ll see someone not overwhelmed with their success, recognizes that his situation can change with one wrong move and will be one of the strongest artists coming through the Empire chain…Tune in to the full conversation below!

Connect with T-Rell

Instagram: @trell_785

Twitter: @TRell785

Just Dropped: T-Rell – Medusa (Official Video) (feat. Bigga Rankin)

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