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Published on October 20th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


The Hype Magazine Thinks You Should “Get To Know” Break Out Artist – Franki Amour

Hype: How was it growing up in Miami?

“Growing up in Miami was fun! Lol, It’s hot during winter to say the least and I know how to fight! There are so many incredible artists that come up from Miami and the south, I feel very blessed to continue that tradition.”

Hype: What was the young Franki like growing up?

“I was a menace to society. LMAO! I’m kidding. But I was definitely a Tom boy up until my teenage years, then i really started smelling my own sh!t (that’s island people translation of feeling yourself) Very active. I loved sports. I loved to run and dance that’s how I got the real “Love Scars” lol. Music was all around me, because its always warm, people are always outside and you could hear all sorts of music coming from folks in the neighborhoods windows. it definitely had an impact on me”

Hype: When did music come into play for you?

“I’ve always been in tune with music. Growing up, every song that came on the radio I would recite it word for word lol… Then my aunt would turn the radio off and make me read every passing sign we came across while driving. So it’s safe to say I’m a very active and quick reader. Music was my escape, it was my way to write what I was feeling inside.”

Hype: Do you remember your first paid gig?

“Every time I opened my mouth to sing even growing up, I got paid lol. I was always business savvy. But my actual gig was at a fashion show and the compensation was very cute… all the clothes I could carry. As an adult, I was scheduled to open a show on The Doll House tour for Rap artist Kash Doll , Sadly the pandemic had different plans for us all.”

Hype: Tell us about your new music, what is the song Love Scars about?

“I’m super excited about my new project titled “Beautiful Chaos” which features the first single “Love Scars”. The song is the introduction into my world. Relationship scenarios… a lot that individuals can relate to. Heartache and hardship, miscommunication, lust and confusion. I wanted to stay on realistic and relatable topics and at the time I was dealing with my own hurt but yet I would run riiiiight back to that hurt because It was comforting, if that makes sense. Love Scars is about that experience, the song is mine but the feelings everyone can relate to.”

Hype: Do you think artists today with streaming have it easier or harder?

“Absolutely easier! With today’s technology that is. Back in the day there was no downloading and or streaming, people had to go stand in stores to purchase your album. Now we have all of it. Purchase album or either download or hell if you love me good enough you gone do all that lol’”

Hype: Tell us about your background in fashion and beauty?

“I’ve always been a fan of fashion and beauty. I looked up to individuals like Iman, Naomi, Tyra, Beverly Peele, Kate Moss, Grace Jones etc… first and foremost these women paved the way for a little black girls that I was and gave us so much hope and faith within the fashion industry. I figured I’ll either rip a runway or create a brand that will.”

Hype: What is a Franki Amour song, any how is it different?

“A Franki Amour song is ALIVE!!! Full of characteristics, it slaps you in the face so you can pay attention honey! It’s fun, it wants to dance and explore life to the fullest on all aspects. A Franki Amour song gets you going! Even if you’re having a shitty day, Just pop that album “Beautiful Chaos” in, Something will for sure resonate. It’s authentic not Synthetic that’s the difference.”

Hype: When can we expect the full album?

“So far we are releasing the 1st single “Love Scars” on October 31st, which I am so excited for everyone to hear. There is no specific date on the release just yet but just know 2022, I’m coming in HOTT!!!

Hype: Who influenced you as an artist?

“My biggest music influencer was and is Prince. I loved/ love him so much. But I also learned from so many more incredible artist just to name a few , Whitney, Janet, MJ, Beyoncé, CJ Hilton, Nicki, Grace, Gaga, Ceelo Green, and my list can go on like Badu.”

Hype: What is your ultimate HYPE?

“My ultimate Hype is remaining respectful, humble, grounded, honest and BEAUTIFUL within CHAOS! We’re human. We tend to fall short at times but the real victory stems from getting up and continuing the journey with your head held high like a pair of Christian Louboutins Dear Darlings!!! ”

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