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Published on November 9th, 2021 | by Jones


Elly Tess Confronts Heartbreak Head-On In Her NewSingle “sad girl”

Pop singer-songwriter Elly Tess delivers a clever sharpness on her pointed single “sad girl,” out November 5. With songwriting as her main outlet to process intense emotions, Tess allowed herself to pour every ounce of hurt, betrayal, and bitterness into this track. “I constantly get lost in my feelings,” she says, and “sad girl’ is the portrayal of the chaos that can sometimes overtake my mind when I write about something particularly emotional to me.” This single finds its roots in a devastating experience the singer songwriter had with reckless affection; Tess tells the story of falling quickly for someone who did not show up the same way. “sad girl” is an anthemic declaration of contempt for an estranged romance.

Tess’s smooth vocal delicately floats atop crisp production characterized by sharp percussion. Incorporating the sharpness of contemporary pop and R&B beats with Tess’s thoughtful lyricism, this track delivers a chic boldness that beautifully expresses the singer songwriter’s spiteful angst. Subtle versus lead up to all encompassing choruses stacked with powerful background vocals in which Tess unleashes the full scope of her emotions. Meticulously crafted instrumentation perfectly complements the singer songwriter’s emotional lyrics and passionate performance; “sad girl” is irrefutably danceable, and the perfect angsty anthem for any pop/R&B lover.

Stream “sad girl” on all major streaming platforms November 5. 

A lover of sad songs with a penchant for dark, romantic storytelling, Elly Tess is perfectly suited for the modern music world. The Polish-born, LA based artist draws on her background in philosophy and fiction to create intimate songs, exploring the complexities of the heart with rare authenticity. Since graduating from the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, Julia has been steadily gaining momentum. With her 2021 debut, Elly Tess is proving the be an artist on the ascent, capable of making meaningful connections with her ever-growing fanbase.

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