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15 Late 2021 Food, Drink & Health Discoveries You Can Order Online

With everything happening in the world, there is still a lot of uncertainty going around. But everyone needs to stay nourished and healthy, and there is no shortage of exciting food, drink or health offerings to order online. If you are searching for new food, drink and health-related discoveries, you have come to the right place as I have been monitoring the latest and greatest from online retailers. Here are 15 items you can order online today, with direct purchase links included below.

Per its website,’s vision is “to change the way CBD brands and their retail partners sell to consumers all over the world.” In turn, its mission is to transform the CBD industry for the benefit of humankind by helping brands and retail partners deliver “high quality CBG and CBD products that work and setting a new standard for product development, compliance and distribution.” A rapidly-growing manufacturing and distribution company offering a wide array of CBG+CBD wellness products, all products are lab-tested, farm-direct premium products offered at an affordable price. products are currently available in 5,000+ retail stores nationwide.

Stone Castle Vineyards & Winery

Stone Castle Vineyards & Winery is reportedly the leading winery in Kosovo. Yet the label continues to work towards forging a path in this Balkan wine region to elevate it alongside some of Europe’s more renowned wine appellations. Much like visionary winemaker Robert Mondavi, as known for leading California wine to world-class status, Stone Castle’s Rrustem Gecaj has brought his unwavering belief in the region’s viticultural potential, considerable business acumen, and love for his homeland to put Kosovo on the international wine map.

In 2006, the Gecaj family acquired what was formerly a large, state-owned winery known as “NBI Rahoveci,” which the Yugoslavian government built in 1953. Rrustem Gecaj renamed it Stone Castle Vineyards & Winery, and along with his extended family — specifically his sons Avni and Avdi — he passionately committed to revitalizing a fertile agricultural region that boasts a 2,000-year history of winemaking. All of Stone Castle’s wines are made from estate-grown grapes from the heart of the Rahovec Valley, known locally as the “Tuscany of Kosovo.” To date, the Gecaj family has received more than 100 international awards for their wines and has succeeded in expanding distribution to other markets in the Balkans, Western Europe, Africa, and now the U.S.

Every Man Jack

Founder Ritch Viola started Every Man Jack in his San Francisco garage over a decade ago. Back in 2007, men’s grooming products were either too expensive or formulated with harmful chemicals–that’s when he knew there had to be a better way. After collaborating with manufacturers that specialized in formulating products with clean ingredients, Every Man Jack was born.

With much success from partnering with well-known retailers like Target, Whole Foods, CVS and Walmart, the team’s life changed for the better. From packing up orders in the garage day and night, Viola’s children even jumped in loading up shipments on the weekends, to help out the family business. The brand is currently offering free shipping on all $50.00+ orders from its website.

5to9 Wellness

5to9 Wellness is reportedly determined to breach the gap in the healthcare industry with its Mind Unwind natural herbal remedy. As launched last month, Mind Unwind has been described as “the most advanced CBD wellness product on the market.” Each dropleft consists of an advanced water-soluble blend of 300mg CBD, Lion’s Mane mushroom extract and L-theanine, and will mix perfectly into virtually any beverage. In turn, it is an instant solution that aims to aid stress, pain and anxiety. Kudos to 5to9 Wellness co-owners Billy Kim and Michael Ni.

Innovative CBD

Per its website, Innovative CBD is a family-owned company with a love for nature, a commitment to quality, and a passion for handcrafting products. It aims to change the way that hemp oils are processed and extracted, sourcing the world’s finest organic ingredients it can fine and blending them with its new Innovative CBD true full spectrum oil. Producing a world first in all natural powerful CBD products. Especially impressive to me from the Innovative CBD brand are its full-spectrum CBD lozenges. They come in 4-packs of 5mg pieces for easy microdosing and are available in 6 flavors: Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Key Lime, Tangerine, Watermelon, Peppermint & Butterscotch. The product’s THC is below 0.01%, so you will not get high from consuming these great lozenges.

A-Sha Noodles

A-Sha Noodles is a cult-favorite noodle brand known for its patented, 100-year-old legacy recipe from Tainan, Taiwan. Perfect for stocking pantries for busy families, college students, and everyone in between, A-Sha Noodles are an easy, healthier and nutritious alternative to conventional fried instant noodles. A-Sha Noodles are simply made with wheat, salt and water, and receive a unique 18-hour air-drying technique — they are never fried or frozen — and contain zero preservatives, artificial flavoring or MSG. They are packed with 11 grams of plant-based protein per serving and cook in 5 minutes or less.

Among the variety of noodles available, the most popular noodle types include Mandarin (a traditional medium noodle), Hakka (a wide flat noodle), and Tainan (a thin, skinny noodle). A-Sha’s Best Sellers Bundle is priced at $24.99 and offers A-Sha’s 3 most popular noodle and sauce combinations. The full product line — including its Hello Kitty-themed offerings — are widely available nationwide at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Target and H-Mart.


Bev is a “better-for-you” canned wine, as recently touted by many celebrities, including Erin and Sara Foster, Kate Hudson and Anna Kendrick. The brand offers 6 refreshing blends perfect for cooling refreshment in the hot summer weather including California Rosé (crisp, dry and slightly-carbonated with aromatics of strawberry, raspberry, white peach and watermelon), Sauvignon Blanc (aromatics of crisp green apple, white nectarine and a light, fresh, citrus finish), and Pinot Grigio (light and refreshing notes of elderflower, pear, and a zesty grapefruit finish).

Every serving of Bev has 11.9 percent ABV, only 3 grams of carbs and absolutely 0 grams of sugar. Bev is now available in over 25 states

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads’ (limied-edition) Candy Cane Crumble CBD Chocolate bar is a deliciously-decadent way to relax more this holiday season. Featuring 180mg of CBD — 15mg per break-away piece — beyond candy cane crumbles, its base is a delicious 62 percent cacao gourmet dark chocolate bar. Hand-crafted in small batches by a local U.S. chocolatier, this offering is vegan and its hemp-related contents were independent lab-tested.

10 Barrel Brewing

Earlier this year, I covered (and recommended) 10 Barrel Brewing Co. with relation to its work for Earth Day 2021. More recently, 10 Barrel Brewing Co. launched its 10 Barrel Pilsner. This Pilsner aims to be “the ultimate Dad beer, or Mom beer, or young relatable post-grad adult beer” for those looking for a slightly more refined taste. It carries 5 percent ABV and 38 IBU. Also new from the 10 Barrel Brewing Co. is Good Sit Dog Beer, your help getting the word out about 10 Barrel’s search for the world’s first — that we know of — Dog Action Sports team. Good Sit Dog Beer, of course, features 0 percent ABV per can.

The latest offering I have tried from the 10 Barrel Brewing team is its new Hop Project Variety Pack, as packed with a new beer called Travel Agent. This new IPA is packed with New Zealand hops that bring the beer a bright, floral and citrusy flavor. The beer is brewed with fresh grapefruit, lemon and Valencia orange to make this IPA crisp and refreshing. It carries a respectable ABV of 5.9 percent.


HOP WTR is a calorie-free sparkling water brewed with bold hops, bursting with flavor and filled with adaptogens and nootropics. Carrying no alcohol, no sugar and no gluten, HOP WTR starts with 2 simple ingredients: hops and water. Its Classic flavor is a fresh, smooth homage to your favorite IPA, while my favorite of the flavors is the Mango, which the HOP WTR website describes as “like a surf trip to Costa Rice in your mouth.”

Beurre Shea Butter Skincare

Established in 2011 by Shirley Menard, Beurre Shea Butter Skincare is a New York-based shea skincare company dedicated to creating, developing, promoting and selling skincare products with pure, ethically-sourced, and high-quality ingredients. Menard actually began her career as an Ivy League-educated lawyer. After a colleague from Ghana introduced her to a brick of shea butter, she discovered the hydrating, fortifying, and nourishing benefits of shea, and began building the foundation of Beurre. In turn, Beurre Shea Butter Skincare was created through years of extensive research, as Menard learned he complexities and intricacies of natural oils and butters, beyond working to understand the science of skin care.

Beurre’s Shea Butter Body Cream — as priced at $28.00 — is the brand’s signature body cream. It is rich with softening raw Ghanian Shea Butter and a warm vanilla essence. This natural formula features intentionally-paired oils that are known for reviving and nourishing the skin. Infused with enchanted rose geranium carefully cultivated from Lancaster Farmacy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this cream with elderflower essence and uplifting Lemon Verbena creates a euphoric effect. Also acclaimned from Beurre are its Shea Butter Eczema Cream, which is available via

Monster Energy’s New Monster Reserve

Monster Energy has developed a line extension reportedly like no other with the creation of Monster Reserve and their 2 new crafted flavors, White Pineapple and Watermelon. Watermelon Monster Reserve aims to you energy and summer feelings, all year long. The fan favorite flavor is juicy and authentic. White Pineapple blends the classic tropical flavor with different notes for a unique drinking experience. Both flavors are full sugar and feature 160 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. serving.

The Monster Reserve line is a premium flavor offering, but at the regular line price. Monster Reserve will be available in convenience and grocery stores in the Fall of 2022.

Rainier Foods

Rainier Foods is the maker of delicious premium spice blends perfect for any meal year round. From vegetables to chicken, pork, beef, seafood and snacks, Rainier has the right seasoning for any recipe, including bulk rubs. A family-owned business located in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, the company sources top-notch ingredients, with all products made locally to ensure the best quality from the Pacific Northwest. Rainier Foods also has recipes on its website — as hyperlinked above — for those wondering how to properly apply its products in the kitchen.

Silver Spring Foods

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, family-owned Silver Spring Foods is reportedly the world’s largest producer and processor of horseradish. A jar of Silver Spring horseradish always starts with roots from their very own horseradish fields. They grind it, naturally preserve it, and chill it to transplant the farm fresh taste directly to your table. Silver Spring Foods recently released 2 new mustard flavors, including Everything Bagel and Stone Ground, as now available for purchase via; the brand’s website also features recipes for dips, cocktails and desserts that can be made using its products.

WarPig BBQ

Last but definitely not least… WarPig BBQ’s award-winning sauces are packed with rich flavors. Opt for the F.U.B.A.R. Elite BBQ Sauce and taste why this sweet and tangy sauce is reportedly the #1 best-selling barbeque sauce in Texas. If sweet and tangy isn’t normally your thick, try the also-acclaimed, poultry-friendly SNAFU Elite BBQ Sauce. No matter which flavor from WarPig BBQ you decide upon, giving back runs through this veteran-owned brand’s saucy veins with a percentage of each purchase going towards veteran-focused charities including Folds Of Honor, Lone Survivor Foundation, and PTSD Foundation Of America. Now available online and in stores all over the state of Texas, as priced between $7.00 and $10.00 per bottle.

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