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Published on December 31st, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet Temple Naylor: An Emerging Music Artist from Miami

Temple Naylor is an emerging artist from Miami who is on the road to creating a massive change in the music industry. He has been in the industry for the past four years. And in such a short time he has managed to work with some of the most talented artists of the USA, and also some great music labels across the world.

Like many other creative geniuses, Temple has a tough life. He hails from a small town where his graduating class consisted of only 15 people. Despite being studious and good at academics, he could not see himself pursuing education any further and quit it before finishing high school. This particular act of his got him in a lot of trouble at home, but he decided to move out and pursue his true calling; music. Living in mobile homes, he struggled to catch the attention of record labels and get listeners to his soulful music on social media. 

As a musician, the most important aspect of Temple’s work is his creativity, which he never compromises on. He loves to play with words, music, notes, and tones. Music comes naturally to him and whatever he makes is from his own mind. As a child, he was always inclined to pen down his inner thoughts and feelings. He pushed himself further by creating poems and melodies, joining the school chorus and theatre. His talent as a musician developed early in life, and right from the beginning, he knew he needed music as a job rather than a mere hobby. Despite his family’s pressure to pursue engineering, he quit and officially began his music career. 

For him, it was very defeating to get rejected for his creativity. His mental health started getting affected. In his heart, he believed in his music, but his brain told him otherwise. 

Temple got his big break after four years of struggling with failures. His music hit off the charts, and he gained instant recognition for it. Today, he travels internationally for his passionate melodies, spreading the language of love all across the world. His fans are not just restricted in the USA, but he has a large following in other parts of the world as good music knows no boundaries. His music is truly soul-touching and the perfect solace for all those lost in the wilderness of life.

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