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Published on December 31st, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Musician Jack Kellogg Sheds Light on the Power of Music to Create a Positive Change in Life

While listening to music is entertaining, there is plenty of research to support its ability to make you healthier and wiser. Yes, read that again. Music is not just a source of pleasure but can also bring psychological benefits to the listener. It can relax the mind, body, and soul while also giving people power over their pain.

Rising musician Jack Kellogg hails from New Hampshire, and as a believer of the magical properties of music, sheds light on the power of music to create a positive change in life. He narrates his inspiring story and says, “I grew up with a learning disability, dyslexia. I struggled with reading, writing, and spelling. Also, this caused a lot of bullies in school. I found outlets, video games, sports, working out where I could excel and forget about the struggles. My Dad doubted me every day on my passion to pursue music and reminded me that I was not good enough.” 

There was a time in his life when Jack  quit on his dreams because his father’s voice resonated in his ears each time he played music or tried writing it. When his mother bought him his first guitar at the age of 14, he rekindled his relationship with music and realized that it was the ultimate solace for him. He found peace in drowning himself in the music of any kind. Through his newly found passion, he began to realize that he was not only meant to be a listener. He could create something worth listening to. And so he did and then began his ten years of struggling as a musician, changing three homes and working tirelessly to get noticed.

Jack believes that it was a hard, nerve-cracking journey but his passion and love for music kept him going. He knew it was the only way to relieve himself of the pain he endured throughout his life. It gave him a voice that he never had, and he was able to express it like never before. Music gave him power, and that is what changed his life. 

Today, as a rising star, Jack Kellogg is using the art and craft of music to influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. He aims to influence, empower and evolve lives even if it takes him decades more to get there. His music is aimed to create an impact, and Jack firmly believes that music has the power to heal and transform lives. Therefore, he wants to bring joy to the lives of the people through his music.

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