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Published on December 13th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Dre’Co?

Raised in a family surrounded by musical talent and inspiration, young Andraeco Craig – aka Dre’Co – was destined to pursue his love for rap. But life had other plans, and somewhere along the way, education had to come before anything. When the time came for Dre’Co to decide between a nine to five or chasing his dreams, he chose the latter – and he hasn’t looked back since. Dre’Co is a storyteller at heart. His music is a mosaic of life experiences, both good and trying, to serve as a beacon of hope for those who feel lost and unheard. Each track is uplifting in its own sense and picks you up when you need it most. Take a listen to Dre’Co’s impressive discography and feel a sense of belonging through the lyrics.

“Way Up” opens with Asia Major’s chorus, where the lyrics are sung with power and intention. She makes it clear that both she and Dre’Co are hungry for success and will not stop until they achieve greatness. Asia Major’s introductory verse rolls out a red carpet to ease into Dre’Co’s hard-hitting bars. Every line is written with precision; this motivational track strikes you when you least expect it and reminds you to hold your head up high through life’s challenges. Dre’Co is vulnerable and speaks from the heart; he knows it isn’t easy but encourages you to keep fighting. Keeping the song’s victory motif, the music video follows a boxer gearing up for fight night. From grinding all day in the gym to balancing her life outside of boxing, “Way Up” shows how dedication is the real formula for success. Fully immerse yourself in a winning mindset by having “Way Up” as your personal anthem.

How did your family help you discover your love for music? What has their support meant to you? 

Man music has always been a part of my family it’s like woven into the fabric of our DNA. My mom’s and really everybody in my family introduced me to all types of music and I could see how music brought joy. My cousin specifically really helped me find the love for it because he would make beats and I would write to them. I remember performing a song me and my cousin made together at his birthday party when we were like 12 or 13 and I realized then, I never wanted to lose that feeling. And their support is everything, it’s always good when you see new people in the crowd taking in your music but it’s a different type of amazing feeling when you see your family there too.

What was it like deciding between pursuing music or a 9-to-5 job? How did this decision lead you to where you are now? 

It’s something I struggled with at first because it was like, I know I want to do music, but this job is the only check right now that is funding my music. I had to change my mentality to where now it’s about pursuing my music and finding a way to be paid for it. I know that my music is not a hobby, this is my life and how I’m going to feed my family. Once I started thinking like that my actions followed to where now, although it’s still a transition phase, I’m making the right moves to be able to see some revenue while I’m pursuing my music.

How did you get in touch with Asia Major? What was it like crafting this song together?

Aw man Asia Major, that’s the homie for real. I’ve been knowing her for years so it was just a phone call. She been grinding like me and definitely doing her thing. And making this song with her and any record for that matter is always a vibe! It was easy because the chemistry we have in the studio is dope and we feed off of one another so well.

What is the message you want listeners to take away from “Way Up”?

I’m glad you asked this. I want people who see this to know whatever obstacles you face, you will overcome and conquer them, even when the situation seems out of reach or not possible to achieve in some people’s eyes.

What is your advice to other musicians looking to follow in your footsteps?

Understand the music BUSINESS. I can’t stress that enough. Know what steps you need to take before you even think about putting your music out to the world.


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