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Published on January 27th, 2022 | by Jessica Williams


American Financial Literacy Organization (AFLO) Hosts Black Tie Launch Party in Miami

The American Financial Literacy Organization “AFLO” organized an extravagant night which was well attended by AFLO’s founding members and business partners such as Steven Jacques (ETA Automation), Reco (OTG Trading), Steve Raze & Mac Mills (AGA Agency) and Lazaro Vento (Airbnb expert). AFLO marked the true inauguration of their Black-Tie special event and the successful launch of the highly anticipated The night of pure sophistication was a red-carpet exclusive VIP style event featuring a Mediterranean inspired dinner, a special diamond Cartier watch presentation, live cigar rolling, a declaration to their commitment to financially empower women and most importantly the opportunity to network with wealth builders. AFLO is the start of something big!

To close the gap between access to formal financial products between men and women, AFLO introduced the Ladies Investment Ventures “LIV” an all-Women’s initiative of AFLO. LIV was created to empower women with financial literacy and to provide sound investment opportunities.

AFLO announced they will merge the financial world with the world of entertainment through their strategic partnership with members of the entertainment industry. With the advances in data and technology rapidly transforming the creation and distribution of entertainment content, AFLO is proud to provide the world’s top entertainers with the development of their own platforms.

In addition to the partnership with members of the entertainment industry, AFLO also presented new investment opportunities in Trucking, Crypto Currency, Luxury Car Rental, Airbnb, NFT, Gaming, MySeat Partnership and a number of lucrative investments to members of the newly launched AFLO team are not financial advisors.

King, founder of AFLO, “I’m excited our launch event was able to acknowledge our partners and show our determination to potential client’s that, investing in the most lucrative investment opportunities in the word is obtainable without cash out of pocket. We look forward to continuing merging the world of entertainment and finance at a high level and providing strategic credit building to our clients. There is huge potential to grow to greater heights and create more success stories with the network we have built and now everyone can learn more about our determination to evolve the narrative that investing can be an exciting way to grow your financial assets and create passive income by logging on to”.

American Financial Literacy Organization “AFLO” is committed to accelerating sustainable solutions to gain rapid insights and drive informed investment decisions. The launch event focused on how AFLO will provide people, regardless of financial standing, access to funding and get them involved in the most prolific opportunities of today’s global marketplace. The event was hosted by radio personality & financial literacy advocate Michelle Andrickson with music provided by DJ KAIDOT.

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