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Chris “The Glove” Taylor: Former Death Row Producer Signs With NFT Drop

The illustrious former Death Row Records producer Chris “The Glove” Taylor has recently signed a deal with NFT DROP LLC, whose focus is on tangible NFT memorabilia. The pioneering multi-platinum producer is joining top creators including Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records in leveraging Block chain technology to build NFT collections, and digital wearables to help drive new revenue streams with fans.

Chris “The Glove” is well known in the industry for producing music including “Reckless” (Ice T), “Stranded on Death Row” (Dr. Dre), “Doggy Dogg World” (Snoop Dogg), “Phone Tap” (Nas, AZ and Nature), and a huge list of others. Taylor has also served as music coordinator, programmer, and assistant composer for the series “American Soul.” Played by fame, Tiny & Toya, The Parker’s, Frankie & Neffie, and Monica’s Still Standing, with song placements on NCIS Los Angeles, Empire, America’s Next Top Model, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Lost, King of Queens, and an array of others.

It was an honor to have a conversation with “The Glove” regarding his NFT deal with NFT DROP, LLC, his newest release the Pimp Chronicles Experiment Soundtrack produced with Kmack On the Beat, and Sigueme with Tony Hasbun, and his career….

How and why did you become involved with NFTs?

I started dealing with Web 3 stuff a few years back. I got involved with NFTs … it’s not even a short story… It’s just kind of a wandering trail. But the cool thing is I started with crypto in 2011. I was one of the first guys that was doing that. I got a coin for $92 and now it’s $41 in dollars. The whole thing with crypto, it’s burned on this collecting thing five years ago where people use the tokens to hold value without having actual money to be taxed. So I got into the actual performance part of it with Art. At first it was mostly visual art, like the Beatles selling an NFT for $68 million. Then it started to fall into learning about organizations, decentralized organizations and stuff. I’ve been like an underground builder of that so when I do release my NFT it will take off and no one will understand why.


Actually I do it myself but I went with NFT DROP because Rod is a friend of mine, we did some music work together. He said he wanted to do my NFT and I told him that I would allow him to do some and see what those guys could do.

What secrets will your NFT hold? What is the plan for your NFT?

What I’m going to release with NFT Drop is a song I released with Ice-T years ago from the movie “Breaking.”


Right… that thing sold like 4 million copies. Actually I did the music and Ice-T did the vocals even though I was the artist. I’m going to re-release the Reckless song with me as the vocalist and the music. I became a rapper, I’ve been a singer, over the past year. I’m starting a lot of projects because of it. I was known as a producer but people seem to like my talking. It was surprising to me that I didn’t know. The reason I really wanted to get into the NFT part because it’s an ownership. So I was with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight with Death Row Records from the beginning…before Suge was even there. I watched that whole label get taken away from the artists. It was an artist’s label, and then it got taken away. It was Dre and DOC and the next thing you know it was Suge. So it was no longer an artist label, it was a dude trying to get money. It flipped over to the worst kind of label.  So my thing with the NFT is that it brings back ownership. I talked with Snoop a lot. A lot of these guys hear you talking and they go and do things.

So Snoop kind of took over the label recently? 

No, I went to Aftermath after Death Row. Snoop bought the name which was a very good move because he can remove all the streams from the streaming outlets. So all the guys can’t release under Death Row Records, they have to be something else unless he decides. Other than that the new music they have isn’t exciting. It’s almost like if somebody doesn’t come with a hit in a second it’s going to flounder. It needs something.  Even Snoop doesn’t have a big hit record right now. He’s just hot, super hot, after and before the Super Bowl. He’s just hot.

So what about you? What are you working on?

I have a few releases slated. I’m doing my life story as an alternate reality graphic novel. A lot of my music is uncredited. The bigger records. So I decided to come up with my own version of Earth where I am credited. I can say anything I want because it’s all fake, or so they think. You know it’s a true fake story based in another place. But that was the graphic novel which was going to be my first NFT and I was going to couple it with utilities but I decided to do this Reckless one to go in historical order. I’ll drop that and then, I have new music. This thing I’m doing now is called Cahuenga Boulevard. It’s a documentary about my days with the most treacherous part of Death Row. That’s all it’s about. It’s not about me and my life story, none of that. It’s just about that. I’m telling the story of all of the ass whooping that happened in my songs. Very tastefully. I have some people interested in actually shooting it now. I’m going to turn this thing over in the next couple of weeks and push forward.

I feel like a lot of artists got hurt during that time.

Absolutely. Worse now. Also with NFTs, it’s more about community than your music. They don’t care if it’s good. They like you and they want to support you so they buy. I decided to go where they have wallets and hang with them. That’s how you sell out in like 30 seconds. I’m not really looking for sales, I’m looking for interest. As the interest goes up so does my value. I’ve been devalued for over 75 years and it’s time to turn it around.


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