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Published on March 10th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Grant Mitterlehner: The Journey From Rags to Riches

Succeeding in life and reaching all pre-determined goals is the ultimate fulfillment for any individual. Every person in existence wants to achieve their aspirations, but few come close to doing so because of some fatal flaws of human nature. The current world has transitioned into a digital landscape that is filled with innovative mediums and new opportunities. However, the difference between success and failure is recognizing those opportunities and gearing all efforts to capitalize on them. An ideal example of such an individual that capitalized on all the opportunities life granted him and worked his way from the bottom to the top is Grant Mitterlehner.

Information has been made widely available in the present age, spreading to various niches and fields. In the past, to be educated about any topic, one would need to pay for formal education regards it. Fortunately, the advances in technology and media have made it possible to become an expert in a majority of topics through free means of education. People who want to reach greater heights in life have all the means available to them but ignore it and keep stewing in their own disappointment. 

Luck always favors the brave.”

This quote holds immense truth to it in the sense that only by diving into something can you ever hope to accomplish anything. People wish to achieve their goals but refrain from =proactive action to achieve them. One similar factor observed because of financial depraving, and poor financial conditions is the financial illiteracy in society. Wealth is not something that comes into being spontaneous. Hoping to strike a deal that will make a person a millionaire overnight is wishful thinking at best. To acquire sustainable wealth and success, it is imperative to make necessary preparations and devise a well-tested action plan. A person without a plan and knowledge of their endeavors is doomed to fail time and time again. Grant Mitterlehner used his acquired knowledge and experience to seize opportunities and take risks that paid him off handsomely and elevated him to his current status.

Grant Mitterlehner is a Houston, Texas native born on August 14/, 1995. He belonged to a middle-class background with no prospective riches to come his way in the future. Grant had an intelligent mind and a strong and sharp demeanor because of his athletic and proactive nature. Grant used to fulfill the quarterback role for the Long Beach City College football team. Soon he transferred to the ASA College in Brooklyn, New York, and continued his studies over there until his daily student life came to an abrupt stop. Due to sudden financial complications, he had t drop out his college immediately, leaving his degree incomplete. During college, Grant had a keen interest in the business world and the financial situation of the present. He spent hours reading books about finance, personal development, and business. He understood what living alone in New York would mean for his financial condition and therefore decided to go back to Houston and finish his degree there. However, life had a different route decided for him. In Houston, all community colleges informed him that he had to re-start his degree as a freshman as the credits from his previous college were not accepted here. Knowing this would mean a great loss from his side, Grant decided to pause his studies at the moment and focus on improving his financial condition. Most people from a younger generation opt to move out of their parent’s home as soon as possible to gain independence. However, Grant knew this would mean extra expenses that would derail and delay his plans and savings for his future. Therefore, he continued to stay at his mother’s home at sleep on her couch while he worked as an Uber driver for some time. Then he successfully secured a commission-based sales job in a solar company based in Fort Worth, Texas. His outgoing personality and expertise in the ways of interaction served him well in this position as in four months of his employment. He had produced enough results to get him promoted to the position of regional sales manager. He continued to climb up the corporate ladder a year later. He was promoted to the Managing director who presided over five market areas. At this point, most people would see this as a suitable designation to become comfortable at, but Grant’s ambitious demeanor did not allow him to settle for just this. After two years of extreme success, Grant decided that his knowledge of this field was sufficient to pave his way and start his own venture. Grant had saved up a handsome amount totaling to $148,000 from his years of minimal expenses and hard work. His previous abstinence from pointless splurge had allowed him to live comfortably without a job for some time and prepare to start his own business. 

In 2020, 24-year-old Grant Mitterlehner started his own solar company called “MittGroup.” Through his expertise in this field, he was able to expedite his company’s success to the point that in just three months, his company had a team of 21 sales reps and had a yearly revenue of close to $1.5 million. Grant’s goal was to promote renewable energy sources to the masses more efficiently. Currently, the MittGroup has locations all over Texas with plans to scale even further. His company has transformed to become a powerhouse of the solar industry with a recorded 107% revenue growth during the year 2021. Grant prides himself in providing an ideal work environment that promotes positive competition and trust. His efforts to improve the environment for his workforce have ranked the Mittgroup as the #1 Best place to work with a 99% rating by the Houston Business Journal. The Mittgroup wants to promote the use of renewable energy to improve the environment now only for society today but also for future generations.

Grant Mitterlehner did not let his unfortunate experiences or hurdles stop his aspirations to succeed. He persevered and believed that his efforts would bear great fruit. Even attaining considerable success in his field could not slow down his ambitions to grow even further and reach greater heights.


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