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Published on March 2nd, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Rimas Ent. Signee Joyce Santana Drops Impressive EP, ‘A Quien Pueda Interesar’

Recently on our Hype 16 podcast, we got the chance to introduce this young lion Joyce Santana to our audience and found out this was his very first English language interview and it was an amazing conversation. Just like with his music, Joyce brought so much to the table during that segment, and NOW he’s dropped a powerful new EP,  A Quien Pueda Interesar which is just as exciting to me as our introduction to this artist.

Here’s the official line on the release

A Quien Pueda Interesar (To Whom It May Concern) is the perfect follow up to Joyce Santana’s “Babymama” remix featuring Farruko, Luar La L, Myke Towers, Eladio Carrión and Ñengo Flow. The Young Martino produced EP embodies the charismatic artistry radiating from the reggaeton maverick. Each song acts as a bookend to the track before it, chronicling a thrilling tale of love, friendship and introspection. Kicking off the EP is “Dormir Sola,” the track showcases Joyce’s ability to maneuver an R&B influenced beat as he discusses the complexities of toxic love. Immediately switching things up is the trap banger “Besties,” featuring Puerto Rican phenom Young Miko. Flowing effortlessly off one another, Joyce and Young Miko boast about all the important things in life: eating sushi, getting sugar daddies to pay your bills and driving around in Teslas. With assistance from “Santa Diabla” singer, Amarion, Joyce closes out the EP with a relatable tale of regret and lost love on “Tu Canción.” 

Fusing complex lyrics with unbridled energy and fire beats, Joyce Santana is one of the most exciting emerging rappers to rise from Puerto Rico in recent years. With hits like the viral “Vicky” remix  (1M+) and “BabyMama” (3M+) under his belt, and co-signs from the likes of Farruko, Myke Towers, and Young Martino (the producer behind the megahit “Te Bote”), among many others, Joyce has a reputation for his thoughtful, braggadocious bars and flow that can tackle anything from reggaeton to drill to R&B. A Quien Pueda Interesar is only the beginning for Joyce in 2022, keep an eye out for more. 

Connect with Joyce

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