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Published on March 10th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Dallas Native Tago Makes Us Say “D.A.M.N.” on Latest Track

Dallas-born artist Tago, known as @yung_tago, is causing a stir with the debut of his latest joint, “D.A.M.N.,” available now. Tago’s distinctive style, blending 90’s vibes with elements of Hip Hop and Neo Soul, sets him apart in the music scene, and “D.A.M.N.” serves as a potent anthem of determination and drive.

Tago - D.A.M.N. - coverart

An Expression of Struggle and Triumph

“D.A.M.N.,” shorthand for “Determined and Motivated N**ga,” emerges from Tago’s personal battles and triumphs on his path to success. The release serves as a candid and genuine exploration of the hurdles that shaped Tago’s journey, embodying the grit and resolve that led him to his current status.

Rooted in Dallas, Inspired by Legends

Tago, whose chosen moniker mirrors his surname, has deep ties to the Dallas community, where he currently resides. Influenced by icons like Hov, Outkast, Pharrell, Ye, and Dre, Tago weaves a narrative-rich style into his music, concealing tales of hardship and resilience beneath layers of wit and joy.

A Passion for Music and Life’s Lessons

In Tago’s words, “Music speaks to the soul and makes you want to move and dance.” Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, his music reflects his knack for finding beauty amidst life’s adversities. “D.A.M.N.” transcends being merely an album; it stands as a testament to resilience, perseverance, and the unstoppable spirit of a rising artist.

Tago’s Journey is One to Watch

One has to credit the raw and unfiltered storytelling of Tago as he invites listeners into his world. “D.A.M.N.” promises to take audiences on a compelling journey through Tago’s experiences and outlook on life.

Follow Tago on social media to stay updated on his musical journey: Instagram: @Yung_Tago, YouTube: @Tago, Spotify, Apple Music

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