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Published on April 6th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet James Travis & Light on the Mic Are Shaking Up the Christian Entertainment

James Travis and Light on the Mic are shaking up the Christian entertainment community. James Travis, also known as James Travis Williams was born August 27, 1987, and raised in Arlington, TX, a community located right outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He and his twin brother were born 12 weeks premature and he, alongside his twin and two sisters, was raised by a single mother most of their childhood. His prematurity resulted in him being blind in his left eye, which also caused him to experience various challenges, obstacles and difficulties growing up, especially in school. Despite the hurdles he faced, James had an inner resolve to never quit but endure. He developed a heart for praising God while growing up in the Baptist church and his love for music and for praising God were the avenues that Christ used to find him and save him. Those who cross his path quickly notice his gentle, kind-heartedness and understanding spirit. If asked, how did you become that way? , he would say my mother raised me and she raised me to be a gentleman and to always be and give a helping hand to others. Before he could remember, he’s always loved music which prompted him to start making music in 2006. In 2014, after joining Gospel Floes, a local Christian Hip Hop group and record label, and attending the Christian Lounge, Arlington, a local Christian entertainment venue, James decided to start making true, authentic, and genuine Kingdom music. Later, he released the mixtape entitled “My God 100” and was soon afforded opportunities and credited with writing songs for various local artists such as Adrian Butler, J. Jones, Soloso, and countless others.

From a very young age, James had noticed that he’d always had the ability to make people happy and bring them together. With knowing this, as well as being armed with revelation from his own personal experience with God, James knew the importance of God’s power. In 2021, the Lord gave him the vision to start Light on the Mic, a platform created for all believers with the sole purpose of bringing the people of God together to use their God-given talents to uplift the name of the Lord in a joyful, righteous atmosphere and environment. Light on the Mic was founded on the scriptures Matthew 5:14-17 and we have the knowledge and confidence in knowing that we are His vessels, standing up on a hill for all to see God’s true power at work in and through us.  Its mission is to let the Light of Christ shine for all men to see, revealing a small glimpse of what heaven will be like on earth where sadness and pain no longer exist.  Light on the Mic is about more than stepping on a stage, it’s about building relationships, networking, and fellowship. James foresees God expanding the Light on the Mic platform worldwide, so that uplifting and inspirational Christian talent, praise, worship, and more will be spread across the globe.

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