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Published on April 14th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


Meet Mel G Fit — A Social influencer and Wellness Coach

Mel G states see the results you want with accountability you need! During, COVID people couldn’t go work out in the gyms. People couldn’t release those endorphins and couldn’t take care of themselves. Therefore, in the midst of being depressed like some of us, Mel G started to put together her brand Fit-Esteem while curating music playlists. Basically gearing up towards her musical journey through her new, EP, creating something that feels good for the people and what feels good for her mind and body. Fitness became her go-to hobby that led to her professional career as a fitness entrepreneur. Being the only way she can stimulate her brain to create or move is through the gym first.

Mel G states, I have to get the blood moving to my brain to actually create. If you see her chiseled physique and her mind-blowing looks, you would know the amount of genuine hard work, passion, and determination Mel G has put into achieving that physique and a healthy look. She could accomplish all of these things because she believed in herself and this is what this fitness entrepreneur wants women to understand, to believe in themselves and have the self-confidence to never stop moving in life, to find their mental and emotional peace, and attain physical goals through fitness.

Get Fit With MelG and Grab Her EBook.

Watch MelG co-host Extreme Protein Taste Test With Youtube Star Chris Heria 

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