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Published on May 5th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Why Upcoming Artist Rashawn Clemons, a.k.a. RTC, is One to Watch in the Music Industry

Upcoming rapper, producer, engineer, and vocalist Rashawn Clemons, better known by his moniker, RTC, is making waves in the music industry for all the right reasons. With his creative genius, RTC is serving audiences with fresh, never-before-heard tracks in the music landscape. He takes inspiration from some of the industry’s biggest names, including Travis Scott, Kanye West, and many more.

RTC began his music journey during his early teens, where he started producing his own music and rapping. After a while, he took a break from rapping to focus more on producing, following the advice of Mike Dean, Travis Scott, and others. Not long after, he produced one of his most memorable projects to date called “Anemic.” Furthermore, in 2019, hee produced his EP called July 2nd along with the singles ”My Time” and “New Lane,” in collaboration with RIAA Certified Platinum Producer and Grammy-nominated visionary Ramyonthebeat.

In 2021, RTC reached yet another milestone with his latest single, “Zelda,” or what may be referred to as “Link to the Past.” The artist’s latest work has gained over 73,000 streams across major music platforms. In addition, his recent song “Never” has now reached over 238,000 streams worldwide. His release this year, “Uncut Gems” featuring Pyrex, also made waves. RTC also revealed that he is currently working on his upcoming EP called Before the Storm along with producers Ajradico and Ramyonthebeat. 

On top of creating his own music, RTC is also an entrepreneur at heart. He is the founder and CEO of Respecttruecolor. Built in 2019, the company has helped propel the careers of artists who are just starting out in the music industry. Through his company, RTC made the connection with Mercvry, whose latest tracks, “BnB Part Two,” featuring 808 Mafia’s very own Pyrex and Goon Squad co-produced by the fabulous producer Sonaro.

Respecttruecolor mainly focuses on helping young adults and students worldwide launch their music careers. RTC’s music also focuses on amplifying relatable and positive messages to his listeners, knowing that many need a daily dose of inspiration to cope with life’s many challenges. 

“My music is focused more on the quality, not quantity. There’s a lot of artists nowadays that are so concerned about putting out a large number of music to increase their catalog but I would be the artist to wait a couple of months or even years to release one song, just so I can have the best quality and to please the fans,” said RTC. “As an artist and producer, I don’t try to put my music in one lane. I am very versatile with my music and I have me and my artists trying out different sub-genres within our genre to see if it works for us.”

Asked what motivated him to pursue a music career, he shared that saw it as a means to leave a lasting mark on the world. He was always told to think big and chase big dreams by his friends and family, so he did. He started producing music using mobile apps, but now, he was able to scale his vision and produce using top-of-the-line equipment and technology. 

“Five years ago, I was focused on growth and I’m going to continue to focus on growth five years from now. It was a long journey but all the hours I put into my business and music definitely paid off. Around that time, I plan on expanding my company and I should have a couple more artists and producers to my roster,” RTC shared.

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