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Published on June 19th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


Azalyne Releases Dreamy Visual For “Clouds”

14 year-old multi-talented instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer based in Toronto, ON – Azalyne – has unleashed her latest record titled “Clouds.” ​​The soulful and dreamy track showcases Azalyne’s vocals in a way that audiences can relate to and hear the passion in every lyric. At just 14, Azalyne has a powerful and commanding voice, and is an artist who believes in creating timeless pieces everyone can enjoy.

The melodic tune of her latest release “Clouds” is sure to serve as an anthem for the inquisitive. Produced by Azalyne, Sspiketrap, Anté O’Connor, and Paula Griffith, “Clouds” takes audiences on a new journey through the sky and listeners can truly get lost in the melodies. 

With a sound that intertwines between contemporary R&B and jazz, Azalyne’s new dreamy track “Clouds” is also accompanied by a music video (directed by Thomas Obewu) that perfectly matches the aesthetic and vibe of the song.

However, Azalyne is not exactly a newcomer to creating feel good moments and music that audiences can enjoy. Since the age of 4, Azalyne has performed live shows and has found a passion through music. Her journey over these years has been successfully gaining traction, and Azalyne’s primary focus moving forward is diversifying her style, continuing to evolve, and reaching more audiences. 

“‘Clouds’ is about detaching yourself from your own life,” Azalyne said in a recent interview. “When you are outside staring up at the clouds, you get lost in everything around you. The clouds mesmerize you while you’re thinking about someone who is not acknowledging you. You sit in silence watching the ‘Clouds,’ waiting for a response that will never come.”

Azalyne has a classic and contemporary sounds that resonate with audiences from all walks of life, and “Clouds” serves as a great introduction to her voice. When it came to the process of how she created the song, Azalyne elaborated: “I was listening to instrumentals when one resonated with me. I would then create the lyrics and melodies on the spot. I capture these feelings with Ante O’Connor and Paula Griffith.”

“Clouds” is the first of two singles including “Fragments” off Azalyne’s forthcoming 5-track EP named after the latter track, Fragments. This will be Azalyne’s first full body of work and will introduce her mesmeric sound to a wider audience.

Watch the music video and listen to the audio below, as we await her next projects.

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