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Published on June 25th, 2022 | by Julz Mancini


C. Lee Releases New Single & Video “RN”

C. Lee’s most recent release is catching the attention of thousands! “RN”, which is available on all streaming platforms, has lured in new fans from all across the globe! The official music video on YouTube has brought in over 20k views in just four weeks! C. Lee’s fans can be seen on his social media expressing their satisfaction and excitement for more to come!

In addition to the new single, C. Lee has also publicly announced the release date of his upcoming EP, “Portfolio”July 15, 2022! C. Lee is revealing the out-pour of support he is receiving in his Instagram stories following his major announcement! From fans to music associates, it is abundantly clear that C. Lee has an army of supporters behind him! Be sure to follow C. Lee on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel! Be a witness to the movement he has created as he continues to climb the ladder within the music industry!




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