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Published on June 5th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


K2Icyy Is Ready To Turn Up The Heat This Summer

K2icyy is getting ready to turn up the summer with his new music that’s on the way. Fresh off the release of his single and music video for “Big Rock,” K2 is prepared to see new heights with what’s next for him musically. His upcoming mixtape ‘NO $ NO BIZZ’ will be something that will set the tone for future.

Check out what more on what fans can expect from the new project below.

What is the inspiration behind this mixtape?

Like the mixtape says, No $ No Bizz, Being so young seeing a lot of people my age going through relationship problems showed me I don’t need to go through that type of stress. When I say No $ No Bizz I’m letting yall ladies know I’m worried about this bag and im not about to argue with you, if you not tryna make no money with me I don’t want anything to do with you. Being a young dude I need to build as much bread as I can to invest in myself for the future.

How is this release going to be different from past releases?

This mixtape is very much different from my past releases, New style, New flow, New swag, it’s showing another side of me as for talking about the girls more than anything. I love my women but when you leave me there’s not better. At the end of the day i’m gonna show you what you missing out on. This Mixtape got features like Slump6s etc. Which i have not dropped a song with a feature yet so there’s a lot coming with this mixtape.

Do you have a standout single from this project that speaks to you the most?

THIS & THAT stands out to me the most. The song is telling the people that it dont matter what you think of K2icyy he still going to be doing his own thing. I ain’t never been worried if some body ain’t like my music or like me cause at the end of the day i love my self and love my music. Its also letting the people know how hard i work to push my music out to my supporters. in the song the hook says “K2icyy This K2icyy that” During the time i was going through some hard times and it only motivated me more with my brother passing away.  Another song thats a hit on the mixtape is definitely HER & HER, Letting y’all know how much of P K2 really is ha ha.

How’d you go about creating the tracklist? 

For the track list I went off the sound of each song 1 by 1 to see how good they sound from transition. HER & HER to Do ABOUT IT is a good example.

In the meantime, check out the official music video for “Big Rock” below.

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