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Published on June 2nd, 2022 | by Christopher Wallace


Who is Nam Jonez?

I was able to sit down with Nam Jonez, and go over his life story up until this point.

He grew up in Washington D.C., but as the son of migrant family workers he moved around up and down the east very frequently.

He began his musical passion being a product of talented family of singers and musicians. Growing up singing gospel music is where you hear the soul and passion behind his voice. Nam started writing songs in the 7th grade after turning a poem into music lyrics which was inspired by his teacher.

Nam Jonez is an American singer songwriter with relatable lyrics, passionate vocals, with a smooth but emotional delivery. He writes his music from a relatable, real and very honest perspective. Crafting stories from his personal experience and the experiences of his friends and family. Taking stories from people who vent to him to develop melodies that can’t leave your head once you’ve heard them.

Nam Jonez is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist who charted the single “Complicated”, a song wrote and performed by Jonez that charted number #2 on iTunes narrowly missing the top spot from music powerhouse, The Weekend. However, the big surprise was charting Number #12 on the Billboard Digital R&B charts landing between Aaliyah and Drake.

I look forward to seeing more live performances from Nam in the future.



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