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Published on July 13th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Ciro Jewelry Brings Youth Culture To Fine Jewelry

The ways in which jewelry serve us varies throughout cultures and times. There is a great history behind accessories, with much variation in the designs, styles, and processes that go into jewelry making today. It has become an art of its own, enhancing moments and occasions, while also reflecting the details of a person’s style. For centuries, it has been used to adorn the body as a representation of anything from social status to cultural purposes. However, nowadays people can enjoy the pleasures of jewelry without using authentic diamonds or rubies or gold, and they can do so in just the same elegant and classy manner.

Henceforth, it is about finding the brands you can trust that still are authentic and genuine in quality, yet affordable in price. The Ciro jewelry brand is an example of a company that provides just that. Since their beginning in 1917 in London, they have amassed great experience and knowledge in the jewelry market, as well as a known reputation. Sitting in between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry, they have been named alongside other reputable brands like Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, Bulgari, and others. This is because their design and quality are of the highest standards, replicating the details of a diamond and precious gemstones to the T.

While the Ciro brand has had many owners throughout the years since 1917, eventually Elisabeth Koller-Galler, current owner of CIRO GmbH, purchased the original brand in 2006. It would then re-emerge in Europe with not only a store in Vienna, but also a global presence in over forty countries. Prior to this re-emergence, Ciro developed many forms of their products out of different materials. For instance, in the 1980s, they were one of the first companies in the industry to use cubic zirconia as a replicate of diamonds. Their cubic zirconia not only served as an excellent alternative because of its triple AAA-ranking, but also because it does not entail the “blood diamond” insinuation of difficult mining processes and environmental harm.

Diving deeper into the Ciro process, their CIRO stones are also called “CIROLIT,” which includes their authentic-looking cubic zirconia stones. Their “CIRO pearl” has a shell core and is selected by hand, along with a surface made purely of mother-of-pearl oysters. These faux pearls contributed to the accessories of the 1920s, which is when pearls became much more affordable. As for their silver (925 sterling silver) and gold (14 or 18 ct.), they utilize a chilled casting process that prevents them from discoloration over time. All these Ciro alternatives majorly contributed to their sustainability values, which is very much a vital factor to today’s younger generations.

Currently, Ciro’s selection of products revolves around three different collections: First Love, Black Tie, and Cocktail. Having these different collections are meant to offer versatility to their consumers, serving all different age groups and purposes. For instance, the Black Tie collection was specifically designed for life’s special occasions and moments. The designs bring sparkle, while also exuding class, elegance, and sophistication. As for their First Love collection, it is meant to reflect the delicacy that comes with love, with designs meant to suit anyone at any occasion. It can elevate any look in a slight, yet charming way.

With Ciro growing in products and goals, the brand is excited to continue their expanding reach. They aim to provide jewelry that suits everyone in a unique and individual way. To explore more of their products, visit their website.


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