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Published on July 13th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Courtney Sanderson is “Tearing it down” With Her New Music Video ‘On the Wall’

After a sneak peek of a new single from Courtney Sandersons was posted on social media, it is now released and streaming as a new hit single. This new single is called  “On the Wall,” filmed by Monsee Wood and set design by  DDKaz.

This new release features other talented performers such as dancers from JB Werks, who have been featured in collaboration with Dababy, CityGirls, Danileigh, and more top artists.

Courtney Sanderson

Courtney Sanderson

Werking Girls and Tinze were also featured in this new release.

Courtney is famously known for her high-quality performing skills in music videos with artists such as French Montana and Dababy. She now has her own new hit single out, ready for millions to listen to and enjoy all summer. “On the Wall” was created to have a catchy rhythm and an energetic dance vibe for her viewers. Created as a means of summer entertainment for all to sing and dance along to.

Courtney Sanderson and Werk Girls

Courtney Sanderson and Werking Girls

In the video, you can see  Courtney glammed out, wearing a construction worker’s vest and rapping as she performs her infamous acrobat and handstand twerking skills. You can see her dancers in unison with their outfits and choreography as they join her to “tear it down” on a range of construction equipment and walls.

As Courtney raps and performs her dances, the choreography from all these women is paired together to create an entertaining video for her viewers. The setting of the video takes place in various rooms of construction work, full of color and saturation to give the video the same life and energy as the lyrics.

In a previous article, Courtney said her interest was more than just being a performer. She has a wide range of talents, one of them being her music career. This new release is the beginning of her furthering her passion and love for music. She will be in the works of creating more content for her audience. As Courtney Sandersons takes off in the influencer industry, her audience will get to follow her along in her career. They will get to see her continued growth and unlimited amounts of talent from her content.

Courtney Sanderson - On The Wall

Written by: Abbigail Kovac
Photos by: @Shotbymeds

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