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Published on July 26th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Meta Labs Agency, the Vanguard of Web3

The future of the internet lies in Web3, a vision for a better, more private internet. Web3 utilizes new technology that underpins cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), namely blockchain technology. This largely means that for those looking forward into the digital age, adapting to this vision will be critical.

For many, this new way of connecting online or establishing a digital presence in the future of technology seems out-of-reach, yet there is one company working to turn this concept into reality. Meta Labs Agency (MLA) has been hard at work establishing itself as the world’s very first vertically aligned Web3 agency that helps those of us behind the times catch up.

MLA has over ten years of experience working in Web3, and now MLA is looking outward to help others brave this new world. MLA works with clients to understand and implement Web3 technology, including assisting with the development of NFT collections and smart contracts that can be implemented directly into the client’s project.

But MLA does not stop there. MLA can even oversee the idea creation stage, with an expert in-house team of artists and creators. The agency is unmatched in its ability to launch an NFT that displays a client’s best brand image and can develop marketing strategies to boot.

Any ordinary company would capitalize on its position in the market and ride that success all the way to the bank, but MLA is no ordinary company. In the words of CEO Travis Bott, “One of the things we identified was the use of proceeds and making sure the proceeds from mint were going to be deployed in a way that was going to benefit the community.” In other words, MLA wants the projects it oversees to actually make a positive change. Instead of just being a vehicle for revenue, these online creations “do good.”

This is good for the clients too, as it strengthens community bonds and creates buy-in for their product. Customers have a reason to want to connect with the company in this new Web3 world.

When a vanguard like MLA leads, the best thing the rest of us can do is follow.

To connect with MLA, you can find their Linktree here:

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Saqib Malik is the Director of Prestige Perfections, world-class service providers in the fields of marketing, business development, reputation and crisis management.

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