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Published on July 1st, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


Seymore Dough Is An Artist To Watch

Jersey City’s hidden secret Seymore Dough has arrived with serious bars! From showcases to major studio sessions with top industry names, Seymore Dough has been blessing the locals with his ridiculous wordplay ! His Debut Song Mix & Mastered by 7x Grammy Award Winner  *Pat Viala*  titled “Independence Day” will be released to the public July 4th , 2022 ! Along with other projects set to release soon after , Seymore Dough credits one of his mentors Ceas *Founder of* as one of the main people to stick by him and support through all times . “Invading the industry will be difficult,  but my bars speak for themselves ” stated Seymore . Boom Bap is quickly growing in the industry but working with names such as “Benny The Butcher , Ack Mooga, Stove God Cooks , 38 Spesh” as well as a shoutout from Newarks own “Redman”,  Seymore realizes the work he needs to put in and is ready to STOMP his way in the industry . Crediting his manager Rob “Duce” Robinson for staying by his side and always keeping it real, Seymore says he is ready to really attack the game and conquer all obstacles.

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