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Published on July 19th, 2022 | by Ralph Okobz


TY Dolla $ign Talks Partnership With Brisk and Upcoming “Enter Dragon Paradise” Contest

On July 21, Brisk will bring Ty Dolla $ign to Miami as part of “Enter Dragon Paradise,” an epic escape for music fans, culture creators, and foodies alike. The event at Island Gardens will commemorate the launch of Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Iced Tea, the powerhouse iced tea brand’s first-ever sparkling tea, which will be available exclusively at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide. The one-of-a-kind product innovation combines tropical dragon fruit, raspberry, and blackberry flavors with a hibiscus tea base and a refreshing fizzy sensation for the ultimate taste adventure.

Brisk will bring music fans into the Dragon Paradise world with performances by today’s best and upcoming talent; a custom Tree-ki bar serving Dragon Paradise cocktails, mocktails, and beverages; and the Taco Bell Food Truck serving favorites like the Crunchy Taco, Black Bean Crunchy Taco, Nacho Cheese Doritos® Locos Tacos, and the Bean and Cheese Burrito.

Ahead of the event, I (Ralph Okobz) had a thrilling and exciting chat with the event’s headline act, Ty Dolla $ign, alongside The Hype Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Jerry Doby to talk about what fans and participants in the competition should expect during the three-day event. TY gave us an insight into how the partnership with Brisk and Taco Bell came about, what life was like at an early stage, as well as how he got into music. The music phenomenon had a cheerful disposition with infectious down-to-earth energy during the entire period of our chat.

Pleased to meet you, TY Dolla $ign

Thank you for having me. I’m excited to talk to you guys. I’m excited for this event on July 21st with my partners at Brisk and Taco Bell. It’s gonna be lit! They are releasing the Dragon Paradise Ice Tea. I’m gonna perform with a couple of other special guests! It’s gonna be a big weekend in the South East, and we are all gonna kick it, you feel me (laughs).

You’ve been interviewed by everyone, and everyone has got their own opinion of you. We would like to know, how do you see the artist, Ty Dolla $ign?

TY Dolla Sign is probably my favorite artist out there. He’s very versatile. He can touch any genre of music. Talented musician. Works the Pro Tools, plays the keys, plays bass, plays the guitar. I mean, you can’t stop him; I love him!

Was there a defining moment that brought you to music? Like you knew music was your air, and it had to happen?

Ugh! For me, it was ever since I was a kid, I watched my father do his thing in music, and I just wanted to do my thing. He said “he remembers me being two years old or four years old,” I can’t remember, he was MDing for Jermain Jackson at the time and uh, he was like putting the parts together and he went to use the bathroom and I went to his keyboard and just played the same thing he was playing by ear off top, so I think it was always in me and always meant for me. Praise God for that!

Talking about teaming up with Brisk for the Dragon Paradise event, how did that come to be? And how do you see it?

I partnered with Brisk recently, and I was just hyped to be part of the concert, escape with them, and celebrate this new dream they are coming out with, the Taco Bell, the Sparkling Dragon Paradise Ice Tea. It’s gonna be crazy; like I said, it’s gonna be a couple of special guests that are gonna perform. There’s gonna be a Taco truck with some of our favorite Taco Bell.

For some who don’t have an idea of what Taco Bell or the Brisk Dragon Paradise event is all about, How can one register and participate in the event?

Uhm, fans can pre-register here, but basically, we are just gonna give you a visual; we are gonna be in South Beach, Miami, which is just like the perfect weather. You know, warm water, just a crazy vibe. I’m gonna be performing at the beach, a crazy venue! Whole bunch of fans. Taco Bell is one of our favorite Mexican fast food restaurants out here that we all grew up on.

So going through the press release, I saw that there’ll be cocktails, mock-tails, and beverages that’ll be served during the period of the events. I’d like to know if TY has had a taste of any of the flavors that’ll be on offer during the event?

Yeah, I haven’t gotten a chance to preview the mock tails, but I trust my partners at Brisk and Taco Bell to come up with something nice for the people. Like I said, we gonna be in Miami, you’re gonna expect something real fly. I’m sure they’re gonna do their thing!

Stream the live session below.

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