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Published on August 11th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Demetri Was Born to Make Music

Adam Smith, better known as Demetri, is a Michigan-based independent artist. In both his mother’s and father’s families, Demetri was raised in a musical household, which helped him become passionate about music. In spite of his involvement in the church choir as a young boy, he did not take music seriously until he was unable to play football anymore.


During college, Demetri began recording himself and hasn’t stopped since. Demetri’s mentors, Nathaniel Edwards, Uncle Stephen, and Uncle Matthew helped him get involved in music when he was young. Growing up, Uncle Matthew directed choirs, and Uncle Stephen coached him in vocals. Those three individuals initially believed in him when he was beginning to develop his musical talents.

It hasn’t been easy for Demetri as he has had to overcome homelessness and poverty. Because he is the eldest of 10, he had to grow up fast and help raise his siblings while pursuing his dreams. Although these struggles seemed impossible at the time, he now appreciates what he has gone through and portrays that in his music.

Fans can relate to Demetri’s music because he reflects everyday situations and obstacles. For his fans, he wants to convey that he understands them on a deeper level. Currently, Demetri works with a producer to portray this message and is currently working on his upcoming single “Ride.” Through this song, Demetri explores the journey of finding out if your significant other will ride with you through thick and thin.

Fans will not be disappointed with this track, which is set to be released soon. 

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